Planning The Perfect Hen Do

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So, one of your dear friends is getting married, and the news is only just sinking in. Once you’ve got over the inevitable jealousy, you’ll obviously want to give your friend a send-off that she’ll never forget! Here’s a few tips for organising a hen party that will go down a storm for everyone.

Money Worries

Just like anything, money is going to be a big influencer on the hen night you’re planning, and can be a massive deal breaker for some of the guests. Make sure you’re setting a realistic budget for everyone coming, while still maintaining the wild hen night atmosphere and making a special effort for the bride-to-be. This is a tough balance to achieve, and may affect the invitations list and venue, but it’s something that’s extremely important if you want the night to be a success. Most importantly, try not to let anyone “pay you back later”, or leave it to the bride to round up the money. That’s your job.

Location, Location, Location

There’s a huge variety of venues you can choose for a hen do, ranging from pub crawls that end at someone’s house to getting on The Box guestlist to messy weekends in Spain. Marbella is always a popular destination in the run-up to summer, and there are usually some amazing deals to be had if you know where to look for them. When picking a location and a plan around it, just take a quick look back through the guest list, and any kind of constraints that some of your hens could present. Also, remember that this may be one of the last big nights out you get to have with the bride, so leave a little opportunity for some bonding time, when you’ll be able to hear yourself over the pumping bass of a club!

Plan Some Activities, But Don’t Overdo It

Most blushing brides-to-be will want their hen dos to have a few planned-out activities, that leave room for more than a few drinks. Comedy clubs, drag cabaret, and strip shows are all popular choices, usually as precursors to a string of nightclubs. You may want to check out places like Adonis Cabaret; a show that brings together all these classic hen night activities in one venue. You may want to get started early with some daytime activities, like a day at the spa, cocktail mixing classes, or a classy afternoon tea. With all that said, make sure you don’t go overboard with it all. Your plan may seem like it’s not enough to fill the day, but once everyone’s together catching up, reminiscing and gossiping, the day will start to fly by. Try to keep your plans as flexible as possible. If everyone seems to be happy in one spot, don’t ruin the vibe by rushing to the next one just to make your appointment!

As you start planning your friend’s hen do, keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to a night no one will forget!

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