Luxury Travel On A Non-Luxury Budget – Is It Possible?

Luxury travel is something more and more of us want from our vacation experience. We don’t want to sit in cramped airplane cabins, with a crying baby on the left and a sneezing old man on the right. We don’t want to have to wait ages at the airport to check in, and then finally get out to the rental place to pay an extortionate amount for the car. And we definitely don’t want to sleeping a hotel room that doesn’t look as though it’s been cleaned since the 70s!

Of course, we put up with these things, because we’re away on vacation and we’re having an otherwise good time, with all the sun on our skin and the sand between our toes. But sometimes, we do dream about what it’d be like to walk the luxury side of travel life…

But do you have the budget to manage this kind of expense? Probably not, that’s why you’re here! You want to answer the question of whether it could be possible to have some luxury experiences on your plate whilst still operating on your normal budget. Well, it might be easier than you realise.

The cost of a first class flight alone could be enough to bankrupt you for the year! (Source)

Pick a Destination with Bang for its Buck

If you’re trying to live a luxury life for a bit, make sure you pick a destination that’s going to give you the most currency for the money you take along with you. You need a country that doesn’t suffer too much from inflation, compared to your own, and thus places a lot of value in your foreign currency. It means you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck!

Places in Eastern Europe are always popular destinations for people looking to save money this way, as well as countries in Central and South America. And often enough, these destinations are a tourist’s dream, so they have a very thriving industry for you to buy into.

Book Some Personal Accommodation

Personal accommodation can mean anything outside of a hotel or hostel, and thankfully, there’s plenty of personal options for you to look into in the modern day and age. Tourist industries are stronger than ever, and any can make good money if they’ve got a spare room someone would want to stay in. If you’ve got somewhere to stay that really feels like you’re own, you’re on a winner for this luxury vacation experience you’re going for!

So, maybe you could try an AirBnB, or even find a stranger who’s willing to let you use their spare room, or even just their couch if you’re going on your own! But if you’ve got a family to take care of at the same time, try something like a boutique hotel; a smaller operation that’ll be able to give you a much more catered and time managed experience – they might even be cheaper too. Even check out these brownstone ec details, if you’re headed further afield into the East side of the globe, and heading anywhere near Singapore. You can actually rent your own place, if the fancy takes you.

Go Early or Go Late

Managing some luxury travel often means getting a discount on as many experiences as possible, seeing as the costs of the tickets of all the art galleries and the museums and the theme parks you get into can really add up into the $500s!

You want to stay as low as possible when it comes to admission prices, and always find out what experiences in the city you’re visiting are going to be free – they’re always worth a visit if you’re a couple Euros or AUD short. It’s also possible for you to pick up discounted tickets if you arrive later on in the day, nearer to closing time, so be sure to give that a try.

And once you’ve paid for your tickets at a discounted price, make sure you turn up early, to beat the crowds and the 2 hour long queues, and spend as much time as you like in your destination. You can go as fast or as slow as possible when you’ve got literally all day to waste.

Luxury travel is a lot more manageable than you might have first thought – you’ve just got to push the boat out a little! So make sure you’re considering ideas like these in your next travel plans, and let yourself have a little luxury and comfort.

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