How To Plan A Last Minute Holiday

Routine and forward planning can sometimes be a little overrated. Sometimes it’s healthy to just throw caution to the wind and be a little spontaneous. If you’re feeling a little like that but not sure what to do with your itchy feet, why not book yourself a last minute holiday? Sound a little overwhelming? It really doesn’t have to be. Here is our guide on how to successfully plan a last minute holiday and have you up, up and away in no time at all.

Choose A Destination

We all have places that we’ve always wanted to go but never quite gotten round to it. Maybe now is the time. As time is of the essence you should focus on just one or two places that you want to go and then dive straight into some heavy last minute holiday research. You will want to check on the weather to make sure that you’re not travelling into a rainy season or travelling to a place that is completely empty at certain times of the year. You will also want to look into any special details like any local festivals or events that will really seal the deal on your destination decision and have you shrieking ‘where do I sign!’

Look For Last Minute Deals

Once you’ve settled on your destination it is then time to put in the research into finding the best last minute deal that you can to try and keep your hotel and travel budget to a tight minimum. With the travel market being so focused on offering travellers great deals for organising holidays last minute there really has never been a better time to book a last minute trip on a budget. Therefore either look for any plane and hotel combination deals or look at both of those costs separately if you’re looking for a particularly unique or special place to stay.

Jump online to last minute hotel and flight websites and see which deals work best with the time that you have available, for this trip, then get it booked. All the other details can be filled in later once you know when you’re flying and where you are staying.


If you are planning on travelling somewhere far away and exotic, you will need to look into whether you need any vaccinations. As time is of the essence you are going to need to get a doctors appointment pretty sharpish so look for a same day doctor who will be able to see you as soon as possible and advise you on the types of vaccinations you may need for travelling to your local destination.

Finding Things To Do

When going to a new place for the first time, it always helps to put in a little pre-holiday research. Therefore look at local websites that will convert any interesting markets, festivals gallery or theatre showings that will be going on whilst you are there so you can begin thinking about the sorts of things you fancy doing when you arrive. Also look into the most interesting places in your chosen holiday destination that you want to go and see. We have all gone on holidays, thinking we have seen and done everything, only to come home and someone say ‘did you visit the ancient temple in the underground cave?’ or ‘did you swim out to that amazing sea turtle reef?’. Yup, we’ve all been there. So making sure you are on top of the best sights and activities before you arrive will mean that you won’t miss anything great.

Trying To Stick To a Budget

Last minute trips can sometimes mean that we end up paying much more than for a holiday that we have had ample time to plan. That doesn’t have to be the case however. It’s still possible to enjoy travelling on a budget if you have only decided to jet off last minute, it just means that you are going to have to get planning in record time.

Look at any special deals you can get on everything from airport parking, fights and even restaurants in your holiday destination. It is well worth finding out what the local foodie websites are the area that you are travelling to and researching what websites are available that offer discounts of certain restaurants. This also applies to museums and events too. Just putting a little bit of time into discounts, coupons and websites that can get you promotional deal will keep your budget nice and tight and trim.

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