A Long Haul Flight Survival Guide

Following up from my latest travel diary post, all about my holiday to Mexico, I thought it would be a good idea to put a post together on the survival of a 10-hour flight because believe you me… it’s ain’t easy. I’m still recovering.

I’m used to 2/3 hour flights maximum and I don’t have any issues with travelling via aeroplane. I’m not a nervous flyer, and I really don’t mind it at all. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a very nervous flyer, we had a particularly turbulent flight coming home from Venice which totally scar-ed him for life. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but honest, he isn’t a fan of flying. So, when we booked up to Mexico we didn’t even consider the flight time since we had our heart set on going there and being in complete bliss for two whole weeks. When we discovered the length of the flight, we were like “well what are we going to do for ALL THAT TIME?!” We considered flying business class, however, after being quoted £600 EACH for ONE WAY, we were slightly put off since we’d already paid an arm and a leg for the full holiday put together. Unfortunately, I’m not a millionaire, what a shame.

So, we slummed it in the economy. To be fair economy has improved from what I remember when I flew to America when I was younger! It’s not that bad, I just wish I could have laid down properly, then maybe I could have slept some of the way. My ultimate top tips for surviving a long-haul flight are:

  1. Wear Comfortable and Airy Clothing

By airy, I mean, a loose fit, do not wear a thick winter jogger tracksuit. Yes, I done that when we flew into Mexico, I was extra comfy on the plane just not when we landed in the 30-degree heat. I was sweating in places I’ve never sweated before, I did not smell or look remotely glamourous in the slightest. My TOWIE swag look did not look cute. Wear a maxi dress, or even palazzo/linen trousers. You want to be comfy and all chilled, not wearing jeans, feeling all crammed in.

  1. Take A Book or Magazine

I love having the time to read a book on holiday. In my everyday life, there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get through a romantic novel so when I’m away, I can get through about three books. I got right into a Martina Cole book this time around and managed to finish it on the flight home.

  1. Fill Up Pre-Flight

Fuel up on a good hearty meal before you get on the plane. You do get a few on flight meals however they’re tiny portions and not the best quality as you can imagine. Pre-Mexico flight I had a full English breakfast and pre-flying home flight I had a Buppa Gump Shrimp feast! YUM! Having a full belly often helps me get to sleep, food coma.

  1. Take An Eye-Mask

I swear by eye-masks at home anyway to block out light but on a long-haul flight, they’re a dream. Especially when the person next to you has their reading light on or telly on!

  1. Buy A Neck Pillow

Luckily Thomson do provide mini pillows but they aren’t great or supportive so I was prepared with my trusty neck pillow. Having extra support around my upper shoulders meant sitting upright for 10 hours wasn’t too bad and actually comfy.

  1. Stock Up on The Snacks

Just get the family share bag in WHSmiths because you’re up in the air for a long time! What if cabin crew run out of minsterals?!

  1. Stay Hydrated

I always buy the biggest bottle of water I can find in the airport anyway, but for my 10-hour flight it was crucial. Aircraft cabins are very dry places and the chances of becoming dehydrated are high. Drink plenty of water slowly and regularly and avoid too much tea, coffee and alcohol. I stayed well away for alcohol both journeys!

  1. Don’t Forget Earphones and Earplugs

Earphones for on flight entertainment, Thomson had a great range of movies and television programmes that kept my mind of the time for a few hours! And of course, earplugs for when you fancy a snooze.

  1. Charge All Of Your Devices & Bring An Extra Power Pack

Traveling drains your battery — while you’re waiting to take off, you’re probably playing texting or checking Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Make sure your phone and iPad are fully charged before you leave, or, bring some extra juice in the form of a power pack.

  1. Move Around

Our plane was pretty big, therefore I got up and walked around, doing some light exercises. It’s good to keep your circulation going and your flow. Getting a numb bum is the worst!


Do you have any long hail flight travel tips?

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