Why You Don’t Love Yourself

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Do you listen to the little voice at the back of your mind that tells you that you are ugly, or weak, or not bright enough? Generally, people try to ignore it, but sometimes it is hard to ignore. Self-doubt and self-criticism are healthy: You can’t be sure of everything about yourself at all times. But there’s a gap between keeping a critical mind and actually going through a crisis of confidence and self-loathing. A crisis of confidence is destructive on your mental and sometimes even on your physical health, so you should react before it’s too late. Like in most things, often what you need is a pragmatic approach. After all, if there is something specific about yourself that is causing you such trauma, it may be a sign that you should deal with it directly. Beware, though, saying that you should take an upfront approach with your troubles is, by no mean, confirming that you are right in your belief of imperfection. Whether you think that you are a little too curvy or a little too lonely, what matters is to take back control of your life by acting specifically to correct or remove the problem.

Create Your Laws Of Beauty

Many women suffer from the ideal of beauty transported by the media. A small nose, plump lips, tiny waist and hips, long hair, it’s never easy to find in yourself the factors of beauty that you recognize in others. Especially when you don’t have the benefits of a photoshop session. But nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with your physical appearance, there are several options to help you to improve it and match your expectations. You can use self-help products, such as glutimax.com which offers butt enhancement creams; you can start a fitness program that combines a healthy diet and fat-melting workouts, you can get in touch with a professional surgeon to discuss lips enhancement operations, etc. You can always change what you look like to create your own sense of beauty.

No More Toxic Thoughts

A common reason for a crisis of confidence is the presence of toxic thoughts as a result of too much criticism. Sandra Kim from everydayfeminism.com specialises in helping women to free themselves from social burdens, whether these are self-inflicted or not. Toxic thoughts, Sandra believes, are the result of toxic social messages that change the perception you have of yourself. This is exactly why it’s important to develop a resilience to social toxicity. Developing a sense of self-love is at the core of your resilience. It takes time, but this will keep you feel stronger and confident.  

Don’t let thoughts control you

Find Your Passion

Most self-criticism is born from boredom, from having too much time to think about immaterial things. There are better uses that you could make of your energy, such as discovering your passion. As silly as it might sound, a passion – whether it is backing, acting, or even picking fashion articles – is a source of positive energy, confidence and self-satisfaction. The key to your passion can hide in a variety of places, but try to start with your childhood dreams. It was a time when you were still free of any social burden and when your desires were pure and simple. Go back to your younger self and uncover a new strength in life.

Give in to your passion

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