Why I quit social media… then went back on it


Last year around November time, I just one day had enough of social media. I just woke up and questioned myself, what does it mean to me? Ask yourself, what do your social media channels mean to you?

So the answer to the question, what did it mean to me back then? Everything, it ruled my life… ok maybe not ruled it, slightly dramatic. But what I’m trying to say is it really was a huge part of my life I couldn’t function without it, I’d have withdrawals not refreshing my feeds after an hour or so but my real obsession was Instagram. That was the app I checked first every morning, checked every minute to myself I could and presented the best parts of my life to all my followers. My phone was always in my hand, I couldn’t even go to the toilet without it (gross I know), family meals would be spent me getting nagged at by family to put it away and to stop embarrassing them by putting the flash on to take a photo of my food or shnazzy cocktail. I really did hate what I’d become, it was unhealthy. Back then in my mind I saw social media as a place to document how amazing my life was, I am so fortunate to be able to do all of the amazing things I get to do like go out to lovely cocktail bars, visit fancy restaurants, buy expensive make up, go on adventures with my friends and I really appreciate that but sometimes not everyone needs to know about it.

So back in November I just felt bare, I felt like my life was displayed on social media for my thousands of followers to see and I didn’t like that anymore, I wanted privacy and I also wanted to have proper conversations with my family, friends without rudely getting my phone out every 10 seconds to reply to a text or tweet. I was actually in a relationship at the time when I did this and he used to hate how obsessed I was, he always told me there was much more to life then Instagram (thank you for that, you know who you are)! So I started off deactivating it all, not deleting just deactivating. It was a test, a test with a safety net there knowing I could get it back at any given moment! I was really expecting to be missing it, not nebbing on anyone, I’d even deleted snapchat I almost felt completely cut off the world but I did messaged all close friends letting them know what I was doing and they fully supported me and said they wish they could just let go of it like that. After a few weeks of being social media free, I discovered a few more spare hours in the day and also a fresh outlook on social media, I’d been googling articles about quitting social media and other people who’d decided to quit too and it really opened my eyes to a different perspective that I’d never even pondered before. It made me realize that yes social media is a fantastic tool that has enabled us to meet new people, stay in touch with family and friends very easily, promote our blogs as well of course but there is a very dark side to it. What I mean by that is the fact we make our lives seem better than they are, we make our selves look better with filters (nothing wrong with that), we aspire to be like irrelevant people like models, we make our selves feel like crap by comparing our lives to others when really we should all just stop for a moment and evaluate how amazing our own lives are and cherish that. Even when I have a bad day and feel like poo I always remember that it’s just a bad day not a bad life and that there is always something good within a day we’ve just got to recognize that good thing 🙂

I worked closely with The Sun newspaper on an article you can find here, yes I feature in it, my photos, quotes and everything… yes you can all have my autograph haha! Which leads me to that quote “I don’t think I’ll ever go back”, you’ve guessed it I went back. And this is why I went back, I’m only human! Eventually after about 6 weeks I felt like I was at a point where I was ready to go back on social media and not commit my life to it like a career or something. It was a really good thing to do getting rid of it, liberating and it made me realize that as someone once said there is more to life. Friendships became stronger, my relationship became better and most of all, more time for my family.

I made a new Instagram account but kept the my old Twitter and Facebook. I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t take seflies, pictures of cocktails and food anymore because I do and of course I highlight my good days to people on social media but there’s definitely less of it… an improvement. I know I could go without it if needs must.

So I ask you, could you quit social media for 6 weeks?



  • Fashion and Style Police April 11, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Great post Alice. I don’t think I can quit for 6 days, let alone 6 weeks as my job as a full time blogger means I have to be actively online. However, I am thinking of reducing the time I spend online as it is getting ridiculous now. I will start with a WHOLE day off social media and blogs and see how it goes x

    • Alice April 11, 2016 at 7:37 pm

      Thanks lovely! Small changes make a big difference. Good luck x

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