Top Distractions For UK Drivers

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It’s been six years since I passed my driving test and it’s been a bumpy ride for sure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s brought so much freedom and independence to my life and I could not imagine my life without a car now, but it has also brought a financial burden to my life. It’s a commitment you make when you pass your test, but as they say, you’ve got to take the good with the bad!

Recently I came across this infographic created by who are the UK’s leading car leasing site. They offer a huge range of car and business car leasing. Their simple and easy to use car leasing site allows you to find the best contract hire offers available.

They’ve pulled together a fun and interesting piece of content to highlight the top distractions for UK Drivers and I thought I’d share it will you all!

Who’s guilty of blasting music on a Friday afternoon when works over for the weekend? *hands up* I can’t help it if I get that Friday feeling… Noise is actually the biggest distraction to a driver and interestingly, heavy metal, rock and electronics are the most distracting of all! Good job, I’m more of a pop fan than a rock fan.

I was amused to read that the most popular foods to eat in the car are chocolate and sweets, a staggering 27% of UK drivers confessed to them being their favourite car snack. Another naughty thing I do when driving is to eat a bag of wine gums so I can definitely resonate with this!

Another percentage that I was shocked at that 10% of women have actually applied make up whilst at traffic lights! That is a serious skill, although I am 1 of the 45% of women that are most likely to apply lipgloss or lipstick in the car but are more likely to stay away from applying eyeliner and blusher. I don’t think I’d trust myself to apply eyeliner, it would be all over my face never mind my eyes!

How many of these facts can you relate too and what distracts you when driving?!

*This is a collaborative post.

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