How often do you get the bus? I used to get the bus every day before I learnt how to drive and I loved getting the bus bar the weather when it rained. Actually come to think of it I found the bus quite relaxing, it was probably the only time back then I got to my self where I could stick Spotify on and relax while someone else drove me home. I jump at the chance to get the bus now, especially since it’s an excuse to go out, have a few drinks and not worry about the car.

A few weeks ago I went along to the Stagecoach #BloggersOnTheBus event held in Newcastle City Centre’s popular hotspot Jalou of which was held in light of the brand new Stagecoach app. I downloaded the app prior to the event to see what the fuss was about. It’s a really simple process where you can purchase a ticket and plan your journey, so that’s just what I did… I planned my way home via the app to Sunderland from Newcastle. I found out where the nearest bus stop from the event was in order to get on the right bus and what bus stop was closest to my house in order to get off at the quickest stop. So informative and easy to use. Features like adding where you work and where you live make it a quick and efficient way to make journeys, meaning life has been made less stressful and complicated when using public transport.

When I arrived at the event I was greeted with a glass of Prossecco, something which I’m never normally able to take advantage of since I’m usually always driving! But not this time thanks to my trusty Stagecoach app. There were a few other local bloggers there too so it was a great chance to network and socialise with new and old friends over a cocktail or two. We then had a chat from the team at Stagecoach who talked us through the theory of the app and how they’re making our lives easier with the app.

Katie from enjoy a cocktail!

Then it was time to get creative, we were all given a blank phone case of which we had to design and create a masterpiece. I was overwhelmed with the amount of crafts we could use, it was like a glitter and spray paint bomb had gone off at one point! I loved it! I never get the chance to get my hands dirty anymore since I’m an adult so it was nice let my imagination go wild! Unfortunately I went a little OTT with the spray paint and made a mess of my phone case but never mind… good fun!

I had a fantastic evening at the event and look forward to using the app more often… especially the next time me and my boyfriend go out for a few drinks!

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