Single In Your Thirties? Don’t Panic!

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Finding yourself single when you get past 30 feels like a nightmare. You feel middle aged (you aren’t) and the days of walking down the road and getting wolf whistled, left you years ago. Not that you want to be catcalled, it’s just the odd whistle to remind you you’re looking good, is a confidence boost for any woman, right?

It can be hard to get yourself back on your feet and back out there, especially if you have had children and you were in a long relationship. Where do you even start?

After any big break up the best thing, you can do for yourself is have a little time out. There is no rush to be in a relationship. In fact, as you hit your thirties you become far more confident and this is a brilliant time to live on your own, especially if you never have. It may seem hard for the first few months, even up to a year, but suddenly you will find yourself surrounded by the things you love, the people you like and the space you need. Once you get accustomed to that, it can be hard to let it go again!

You may not feel ready to start dating straight away, that is a good thing, but don’t let it stop you from going out and meeting people. It is really good for us to keep social and create new friends.

Now is a good time to consider your look. Perhaps you have worn the same style since you were younger or you have had the same haircut all of your life. Often the best way to get over a breakup is to reinvent yourself. Especially now you are a little older and a bit more confident. If you have always wanted to be blonde, lose weight or dress a little louder then do it, today! A fresh new look can be the start of something exciting.

When you do feel ready to start dating again, there are loads of options. You could use the internet to find dating near you; there are lots of options. Tinder has a bit of bad press, but some couples have met on this dating website because it links you to people who are local, or if you want to get out of your area, you can set your search for further afield.

Try not to take the dating game too seriously at first, just get out there and have fun. Meeting a variety of people, especially if they are different to your last partner, may open your eyes to a new kind of relationship. One that might last the test of time. Stay safe and always let your friends know if you are meeting a new person, it can be good to have a secret text message to let them know you are ok!

Finding yourself single in later life doesn’t have to be a problem. Reevaluate and reinvent yourself, then climb back in the saddle and find your happiness.

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