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The worst thing imaginable happened to me last week, I was hacked. My blog was hacked. Apparently by some bloke from Turkey in Isis. Brilliant.

I never thought I’d be hacked to be honest but then again you never expect these things to happen to you do you? I certainly didn’t, my password was relatively strong and I never go on dodgy websites or click on weird links! I’ve never actually pondered how hacks even happen, I mean how do these people do it? Who has the time?

A friend messages me to say she’d been browsing my blog and said that one my posts had been hacked, I felt really scared. That sounds dramatic but I was stricken with panic thinking ‘oh for god sake, what about my emails??’ Luckily the hacker hadn’t done much damage, the master mind didn’t change my password *thank god* or delete any posts, just one of which my lovely admin guy managed to reverse… the relief. Back in the safe zone. Thankfully for me, this wasn’t a huge hack meaning my bank balance is still as it is and my emails are all still there. I just feel sorry for the people it really effects, with that in mind I decided to do some research on hacking and how it actually happens! I came across this infographic by Data Label on Digital Connect Mag (which I’ve made myself read since my hack every day), have put together this very interesting piece on how to beware of online scams.

Scams have become so much more sophisticated over the past few years, even for a person like me who has grown up with the internet and the computer generation, sometimes you’re just unlucky and end up caught out by security breaches and fraudulent emails. A bot I presume, actually copycat’d my Mams email changing just one number in the address so I stupidly clicked open the email, I was furious and apparently this is happening all too often.

I had no idea how many stages our emails go through to be sent, yes I had heard of servers and the likes but didn’t realise they played such a huge role in the process. It’s an even scarier thought thinking there are these ‘malicious serves’ knocking around compromising our details and security, especially since we don’t intentionally put ourselves in front of the danger! One thing this has taught me is to ensure my antivirus software is update on my laptop, it’s such a vital thing to have since it really does protect us online… thinking maybe that might have been the cause of my sudden hack?

Have you been hacked or scammed before?

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