Never Give Up Newcastle

Who loves a squad outing? Me and my friends certainly do! Last Sunday me and my squad, were kindly invited along to Never Give Up Newcastle.

Never Give Up is basically a real life version of Crystal Maze… jeez remember that? We’ve been discussing doing something like this for ages but had no idea Never Give Up was right on our doorstep.

So basically Never Give Up is based on King Tut the Pharoah of Egypt, who built a hidden temple in the desert to store his enormous wealth. For protection, he created rooms and puzzles to test skill, mental and physical abilities. Of which, ‘Only the brightest, strongest and quickest will be able to escape the tomb and find his treasure’! You can take part in the game in couples, families, friends, students, co-workers and corporate events/team-building.

We were extremely excited when we got there, almost apprehensive because we just didn’t know what to expect. On arrival we were met by our group leader, dressed in full Egyptian queen gowns… very authentic.  She briefed us with the need to know information, explaining the whole game experience would last an hour, mentioning that within each room the mini mental, skill and physical games would last up to 3 minutes long for up to 35-40minutes in total. The final challenge, the King Tuts Tomb would last around 15-20 minutes she told.

I was elected head of the team, handed a red combat waist coat which made me look like I was about to enter the desert… really sassy. My team members were given black waist coats and I lead the way into the unknown. We followed some stairs leading to a dark dingy room, lit by only a few low powered lights which really created a scary forbidden atmosphere. The aim of the game is to collect the “clue sphere” which you receive when you successfully complete a game. You need to collect as many of these as you can to win clues for the epic centre-piece of the game, the final escape.

I’ll be honest, we were rubbish! We giggled our way through most of the challenges as we failed to take each other seriously BUT, that was all part of the fun! We were like teenagers, trying to concentrate but seeing my friends fall off type rope, try to skillfully make bridges out of one piece of wood to save me from jail was too entertaining. The mental games were the best, we took those really serious! One of the challenges is a word association type and we just couldn’t work it out for the life of us, it was so confusing. We failed that challenge unfortunately. We did win a few though, but every time we’d win one, we’d loose another meaning our clue sphere was taken off us! My favourite challenge was when I was blind folded, I was put into a room where there were boxes dotted around with sounds in. My team had to carefully direct me to the boxes in order to get the clue sphere, at the start everyone was just shouting at me then one of my team just shouted “SHUT UP” then everything fell silent and he guided me like a boss, we won that one obvs. After sweat, laughter, and screams we made it to the final room with two clues.

I won’t reveal too much about the final escape room as that’s the exciting part but we all split up at first, completing the basics of the first room and then we used one of the clues for one of the mini challenges because we just couldn’t work it out. Once we’d got through the first room, a secret door leading to another room appeared and then this was the final room we needed to escape which of course was the hardest. Adding to the pressure, time was ticking…the mental games were so hard but in the end once we’d completed them, they seemed so easy, the answers were right there! We used our last clue and completed the maze with only 4 minutes 58 seconds to spare… well done to us!

I’d definitely recommend Never Give Up Newcastle, we had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back!


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  • Reply Chloe - New Girl in Toon April 2, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    I had no idea this existed but wow it looks like so much fun!

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