My Breast Enlargement Journey Part 2

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So here’s part two of my breast enlargement journey, if you haven’t read part 1 you can read it here.

So after enquiring about a boob job they called me the next day to ask me a few questions like why I wanted the procedure, how I’d heard about MYA, why I’d decided to go with MYA and asked my weight, height and current bra size. They then invited me to their Newcastle practice where they explained I’d meet a consultation nurse who’d be able to give me all of the information I’d need on the procedure, I scheduled an appointment for the following week after work. I was so excited but I still went on to research other surgeons and companies considering a consultation with others but I waited till my MYA meeting before scheduling any other.

The following week I went along and met Julie, my personal consultant nurse. My first impression were that she, herself was presented very well and made me feel super comfortable. Julie asked me a few questions as to what my issues were with my breasts, how long I’d considered the procedure for and most importantly informed about what would happen if I choose to proceed with MYA. She then explained about what implants they used, which surgeons I could choose from as I was provided an information booklet on the three surgeons I could choose from and their qualifications and experience (which I found so helpful!), about Cc’s, where the procedure would take place (Preston was their nearest hospital), about overs, unders and partials (which are the three places you can get the implant placed i.e over the chest muscle, under the chest muscle or in the middle basically not under and not over) and about pricing. There was literally so much information to take it, it was a blur! After the meeting it was my time to make a decision as to whether I wanted to continue my journey with MYA or try else where and if I did decide to go with MYA which surgeon would I choose.

One thing that really stood out to me about MYA was the ‘MYA space’ on their website, they have an online forum where ladies who were in the same position as me or had just booked their procedure or who had actually gone through with the procedure could chat, ask questions and be honest about their personal experience plus share photos and it wasn’t regulated… I mean it is regulated so that creeps can’t join in but it was women being honest and their opinions weren’t deleted or edited! I became obsessed with chatting to gals going through the same journey plus MYA had social media, where again ladies sent in their photographs and reviews. It was great to be able to relate to people in the same position as me or had already gone through it! This was something I found other companies/surgeons didn’t have which kind of put me off.

So after a week or so, my decision was made. I was going to continue this process with MYA and with my choosen surgeon Dr Traynor. I choose Dr Traynor for a few reasons, I knew a few girls personally that had, had their enlargements with him and their boobs looked great and because I’d heard he was straight to the point since he knew exactly what he was doing! I’m pretty forward and straight to the point so thought we’d gel well. And I was right we did, once I decided I gave Julie a call and told her, she then organised a meeting where he’d have a look at my breasts and advise me on what size to go. The next week (rather fast I know) I met him for the first time, he was irish and so likable even though he really as they’d told me straight to the point ha! He began by explaining all the negatives of breast enlargements he warned me everything like what could go wrong like the fact I could loose the feeling in my nips, when I’d need to replace them (10 years later by the way), he went on… it still didn’t put me off. He then asked to see my breasts (awks having to get then out ha!), he then measured how far away my nipple was to my collar bone and analysed the shape telling me because of my weightloss I’d lost the volume and shape meaning they’d became tubular, he’d recognized there was skin their to be filled and completely understood why I was wanting this done. He advised I’d need overs, overs because I’d need roundness and volume, I was a bit apprehensive of this because I desperately didn’t want them to look ‘too fake’ but he insisted this was how I would get my desired look, so I agreed. He then gave me a list of the sizes he’d do for me and I choose 400cc after trying a few implants in my bra which was so weird! After discussing with Julie my payment method and giving my £500 deposit that was it… My boob job was booked for the 3rd February… two weeks time. I was buzzing, my dreams of big boobies was well and truly on its way. I had to go for a pre opp a week before the operation where the tested me for bacteria and my blood pressure, I got the go a head! The next week felt like it flew over, I rushed to get all the necessities in. Zip up bras, a macom bra, a V pillow, button up jarmies, plenty of paracetamols, shirts, bio oil, a hotel room for after my procedure in Preston, a week off work booked in.. I was ready and prepared.

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The 2nd February suddenly came around and it was the day before my procedure… I was like a child on Christmas day!! I traveled down to Preston after work on the 2nd and got settled in the hotel, had my last meal for 24 hours and tried to get some sleep. I received my admission time 4 days before my operation and it was 12pm, so that meant I had to be at the hospital at 8am… it was really happening, my boob job was really happening.

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Stay tuned for part 3… coming soon!

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