My Breast Englargement Journey Part 3


This is third and final part to my  breast enlargement journey, you can find part one here and part two here if you haven’t read from the beginning!

I woke up on the 3rd February full of nerves and very anxious, besides the excitement feeling I seemed to have forgot/not considered how much pain I’d actually be in after. About a million and one thoughts we’re going through my head that morning but I still went a head, I went in at 8am, received my own private room and met my nurse who was lovely and very reassuring. I then got changed into my hospital overalls and was told I had to do a pregnancy test, of course I knew I wasn’t but still mega embarrassing having to this in front of your Mam ha!

I was all good to go, then Dr Traynor came in my room to see how I was and to also draw on my chest as an outline to where he would make the incision and place the implant. The incision is just in the crease of your breast underneath. I waited another hour then it was time to go, my nurse came in to get and I followed her down to theatre…I was papping my pants! I lay on the bed and was given my anesthetic and the next thing I remember was waking up with boobs.

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When I woke up the first thing I said to my Mam “do they look too big?” Lifting my hospital gown up straight away I got such a shock they were so swollen. I then went back to my room and went to the toilet for a proper look… I loved them! I then had to put my Macom bra on which is a surgery specific supportive bra which I’d be wearing for the next 12 weeks non stop. And the recovering began!

I was only in hospital for the day and back to the hotel on the night, I’ll be honest I literally couldn’t feel a thing… my boobs were so numb. I went out for a meal after, once I got sorted then went back to the hotel and went straight to sleep, thank god for the V pillow I bought because obviously I needed to be kept prompt up and not lean on my side.

The next day I woke a little sore and very stiff, I felt a bit like a robot but there was no excruciating pain, it wasn’t stingy or anything like that. So I traveled home and started to relax. For the next week I just ate lots of protein, went for a little walk every other day and chilled out. I was good, but I did have boob blues as in I wasn’t used to sitting on my bum all the time since I was a gym addict ha! I went back work a week later luckily I work in an office, I think if I worked in manual labor I would have had to been off much longer. The pain was fine and manageable with paracetamols just stiff, my boobs were still swollen and my nipples ached haha but as the days went on they became firmer and wobbly-er as it’s worth mentioning the are very hard and bullet like to start off with after your operation! The next 6 weeks were a breeze, I went to the MYA clinic in Newcastle a few times to get my stitches checked but luckily they were dis-solvable so no painful removing and my boobs were healing so well! I was so happy.

Within what felt like a blink of an eye I was back to normal! Back to the gym, back out partying and showing my new assets off! My scars were tiny and making the transition from pink to silver so the next big thing to do within my journey was get measured. We all know that within different shops we’re all different sizes, I’d accepted the I wasn’t ever going to be able to get grab a Primark bargain bra anymore so I went to Debenhams to get measured and to buy myself a proper new bra! The moment of truth, I’d asked for a DD but knew they were bigger, I guessed I’d be a 32E but to my delight/surprise I was now a 32FF *gasp* That sounds huge but I assure you, they fit so perfectly with my frame now I have my curves back!! I wasn’t made for the skinny life ha!!


At time to time, I struggle with the fact that my figure has changed significantly. I think I’m bigger than I am because of my boobs! But I’m pretty much roughly the same weight (just a few lbs heavier ha!). I can no longer wear size 8 shirts because they just don’t fasten around my big bust BUT I wouldn’t change them for the world, they are amazing. They completely make my outfits now and really suit my frame. Getting a boob job was the best decisions I’ve ever made, I’m so happy.

Are you considering a breast englargement or a cosmetic procedure? If so I’m here to talk! Feel free to send me any questions, I could have gone on and on about this so trying to condense this into three posts was super hard!

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