Make Your Wedding Special with Personal Touches

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If you want your wedding day to be truly meaningful and unique, you need to engage your creative side and add some personal touches to the proceedings. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start; here are some great ideas for personalising your wedding day:

Personalised Save the Date Cards and Invitations

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Set the right tone from the beginning by sending out your own personal save the date cards and invitations. The easiest way to personalise cards and invitations is to handwrite them and use photographs or symbols dear you and your hobbies. For example, you could write your invitations on mini maps if you like travelling, or send out dog shaped save the date cards if your puppy mad. You can find a good collection of wedding invitation ideas here if you need more help coming up with a personal touch.

Buy a Bespoke Wedding Dress

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It’s your big day and you naturally want to feel like a million dollars as you walk down the aisle. Design and have your own dress made and this is a sure thing. There’s nothing quite like stepping out in a unique creation to boost your confidence and make you feel like a princess for at least one day.

You can also ensure your man feels like a million bucks by splashing out on a made to measure suit rather than something off the peg!

Design Your Own Wedding Rings

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Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love. You will wear them every day for the rest of your life, so why not make them special? Visit a good ring designer, talk to them about the things you love, check out some designs, and with their help, create the perfect symbols of your love.

Go Quirky with the Wedding Cake

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The wedding cake is one of the things that you can either design yourself or have someone else design for you, in such a way as to show off your unique personality. If, for instance, you love birds, why not get a cake decorated with feathers? Or of you have a favorite TV show, have your bride and groom on the cake dressed as characters from the show. It’s a great way to bring some fun to the proceedings without overwhelming the whole wedding.


In fact, inject some fun into all of your wedding food by serving burgers, pizzas or cordon bleu food if you fancy it!

Choose an Unusual Venue

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Treehouses, beaches, dangling in mid-air from a bungee rope – these are just some of the unusual places that couples have chosen to say I do in the past. So, if you want to really make a splash with your wedding, choose a venue that no one would have expected and make the day ultra-memorable.

Go for a Quirky Travel Method

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Instead of rocking up to the church in a big flash car, why not ride a tractor, a VW camper or vintage hot rod to the venue instead?

When it comes to your wedding, you don’t have to stick to tradition. In fact, the day will be more meaningful if you add personal touches that actually hold meaning for you and your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to be different and you’ll have a much better day as a result.


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