Make Amends and Live a Life Without Regret

You might not be thinking about it right now, but have you ever wanted to fix a mistake you made in the past? For instance, perhaps you upset a friend and you’ve not made up with them or even spoken to them for the past couple of years. Perhaps you and a family member fell out due to a dispute that almost destroyed your family ties, or maybe you’ve been lying to yourself about taking up a career in an industry you don’t actually enjoy.


Life is shorter than you expect—by the time you’re in your senior years and you’re not longer capable of reaching your dreams, will you look back and say you’ve had a wonderful life or will you regret not doing the things you’ve always wanted to? Perhaps you’ll have plenty of children to keep you comfortable and look after you, or maybe you’ll be fine living with your partner and neighbours that you’ve grown up with for so many years. But whatever the case, let’s cut visions of the future and think about today; what amends can you make?

Repair Past Mistakes

Perhaps you were a bit of an alcoholic in your school years and you want to improve your health, or maybe you bought some items that negatively impacted your costs of living. Whatever mistakes you made, it’s not too late to make amends. There are people that took out loans in the past or bought items that they simply couldn’t afford and, as a result, their credit rating is hurting and banks simply don’t trust them. Sorting out your debt is one of the first things you should do to ensure you don’t have regrets in the future. You can do this by budgeting, limiting your spending, and take proper measures against wasting money. You can also hire a service to improve your credit if you plan to buy a house in the future or take out a loan for something important. You can check out this review of a Sky Blue credit repair service to see if it’s right for you. It’s not an instant fix, however, and you’ll need to practice good financial management unless you want to fall into debt again.


Chase Your Dreams

Let’s pose a question. If you had the choice of a job that offered $100,000 a year that you hated and a job that offered $30,000 a year but you loved—which would you pick? Many people in the world would pick to have over triple the salary and do a job they hated but is that a way to live a fulfilling life? Let’s face it, someone has to do that job and if it’s you, then at least you’re making a lot of money to provide for your family—but is that enough? If you don’t want to regret not chasing your dreams, then work hard and make your dreams come true by finding a place in an industry that you love—you don’t have to give up your dreams for other people.

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