Live For Today, But Plan For The Future

Planning for the future can be hard, you’re essentially putting time and effort into a period of time that doesn’t exist yet, and for things way off in the future, it’s hard to even imagine what life will be like at that time. However, there are ways you can plan for the future just by living well in the here and now. Here are some of the ways you can go about it.


Set goals

Setting goals is a great way to stay on track- they prevent you from falling into a rut and keep you productive. You might have never given any serious thought to what your goals are, but contemplating what you want from life and writing them down can be the first step to success. Is there are particular rung of the career ladder you want to reach? Are there specific countries and places across the world you’d like to visit? Do you want to have a certain number of children? These goals can (and probably will) change over time, however knowing where you’re at now and having an idea of what you want is crucial. Break down your large goals into smaller ones, and work out what you can do right now to get started on them. Many of our big plans and ambitions in life take many years, so making a move with them in the here and now is no bad thing. And knowing that you’re working towards what you want in life will make you happier today too.

Get your finances in check

Money matters, it allows you to live the life you want in the here and now, as well as later in life when you retire and no longer have an income. If you can, get a mortgage now and once it’s paid off you have a home to live in that doesnt cost you anything when you retire. Even if you need to move into a care home like Porthaven later down the line, you could sell it and release the equity or pass it down to your children. Get yourself a pension set up, this means later in life you won’t be stuck on a measly state pension and can live your later years in much more comfort.

Look after your health

Health is everything. There’s no point planning for a future if you’re not going to be there to see it. Unfortunately, any of us could have our lives cut short there’s no way to know, but there are lots of things we have control over to help us live long and healthy lives. Eat well, exercise, take a daily vitamin tablet and keep your mental health in check. Attend any screenings you’re invited to as they will check for diseases you have a risk of getting (this is usually due to your age and gender). Living a healthy life isn’t a guarantee that you’ll live longer, but it does guarantee that you won’t die of preventable causes.

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