How to Live a Less Stressful Life

We can’t really say why we’ve been put on earth, but we’re sure we’re not here to feel stress. While there will have been a point in human history when stress would have kept us alive, today, anything more than a little bit of stress is uncomfortable and unwanted. Alas, we live in stressful times. There’s been a sharp rise in the numbers of feeling the stress and other mental health conditions, and it’s not a problem that’s expected to go away anytime soon. The good news is that you don’t have to be locked into stress; there are things you can do to limit the effects.P

Run It Out

If you’re beginning to feel the familiar feelings of stress rise, then you could do much worse than strap on some running shoes, and going for a long joy. Exercise has long been documented as a bona fide stress-buster, and not only will it help to clear those feelings, it’ll also add a whole host of benefits, too. You’ll be actively releasing feel good chemicals into your mind, and getting healthier and fitter in the process. It’s a good habit to build into your lifestyle.

Time in the Outdoors

We should all be spending much more time in the outdoors than we currently do. We’ve all been pushed into homes and cities, and there are advantages to living this way, but let’s not forget that we’re humans, not robots. All those buzzing noises and flashing lights can leave us in a state of stressful alertness. Studies have shown that just fifteen minutes spent in the great indoors can be enough to limit the feelings of stress, and they reduce even further the longer you spend there. If it has been a while since you spent time in the outdoors, plan a trip!

Calming the Mind

Part of the reason why we stressed and anxious is that it feels like everything is all go, go, go. There just doesn’t seem to be time to sit back and catch our breath. That’s why it’s important that you find healthy ways to calm the mind. Beeja Meditation is especially good for reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, and there are other benefits, too. If you’ve been curious about meditation, then give it a try — it really can have a profoundly positive impact on your life.

Avoiding the Triggers

Sometimes stress is thrust upon us, but sometimes we bring it on ourselves. If you’ve been feeling a little stressed but don’t know why, then it could be worthwhile looking at your lifestyle and figuring out if there’s anything there that could trigger it. Things like caffeine and alcohol can spike our anxiety levels, for instance. And one of the main causes for the rise in these types of issues has been the increasing use of smartphones. Your device is useful, but don’t become too reliant — there’s everything chance that it causes stress, since it keeps your mind in a state of alertness, making it hard to unwind. 

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