Gift Inspiration For A Winter Baby Shower

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So.. I’m going to be an aunty again in November to another beautiful little girl and I am SO excited! There’s something magical about a winter baby shower. If you’re arranging one of these events, you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to everything from table decorations to drinks and snacks. Perhaps you’ll treat your guests to iced snowflake-shaped biscuits and warming marshmallow-topped hot chocolate, and celebrate the season with decorative holly leaves and snow dusted pine cones.

But what will you get as a gift for the mum-to-be? Keep reading for some of the best present ideas to celebrate her impending arrival.

Winter Baby Bouquet

During the chilly season, baby will need plenty of cosy clothing to keep him or her snug. What better way to present warming garments than in a gorgeous winter baby bouquet? Specialist retailers such as BabyBlooms offer a variety of winter-themed bouquets featuring everything from hats and long-sleeved sleepsuits to socks and mittens. These essentials are delicately arranged to look like flowers and are interspersed with silk blooms and foliage to make a visually stunning gift. 

Pampering Set

Winter can take its toll on mums-to-be, so why not make your loved one feel cared for by presenting her with a decadent pampering set? Complete with a range of nourishing hand and body moisturisers to combat the dry, cracked skin that can strike when temperatures tumble, as well as lip salves, nail balms and more, these boxes of goodies are bound to raise a smile.

Bath Time Hamper

Everyone loves a good, long soak in the tub at this time of year, so a bath time hamper can make an excellent gift. You can choose sets just for mum or combination hampers that come with treats for mum and child. These hampers can include a range of presents, including everything from bath lotions to rubber ducks.  

Baby Bathrobe & Towel Set

On a similar theme, you could opt for snuggly baby bath towels and robes to ensure the little one stays warm after a relaxing time in the tub. These sets can even be personalised if you’re looking for an extra thoughtful present.   

Relaxation Candle

The gentle orange flicker of a relaxation candle can lend a homely, comforting touch to rooms during the chilly season. Made with blends of essentials oils such as orange, lavender, ylang ylang and geranium, these candles are also soothing for the mum-to-be. You can take your pick from a selection of different fragrances to find one you know your friend or family member will love.

With ideas like these, you’re bound to wow with your winter baby shower gift – and the best thing is, with so many different options available, you won’t struggle to find something that fits your budget.


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