Experiences That Will Make You More Humble In Life

Sometimes we take life for granted, and we forget just how lucky we are sometimes. Someone out there in the world is always struggling more than you are, so it’s important to know and experience things that will make you appreciative of what you have. Here are some experiences that will make you more humble in lifeI

Volunteer At A Care Home Or Shelter

Being able to help those who are struggling or perhaps are maybe less fortunate than you can be both a rewarding experience and one that helps you realise perhaps just how well you’ve got it in life. Volunteering is something that anyone can do and is available to do so at places like care homes, shelters and other charitable organisations. Sign up for those local to you and offer whatever services you can provide, and that is something the shelter or home needs from you. Some longer volunteering positions might require an interview, but that’s often for those that might require more than simply showing up on the day. There will always be a need for support, so give up some time where you can.

Educate Yourself On History

Education can help you grow and understand more of the world we live in. As far as history goes, there’s a lot to know. More importantly, though it’s learning about those tragedies that have happened in the past and that we as future generations must show our respects to. So places like the Auschwitz tour and visiting the beaches of Normandy where many soldiers lost their lives, are two examples. History is important because it helps us to remember what terrors have happened in the past so that we don’t make those same mistakes again. Knowing that you weren’t in these situations can help bring a lot of perspective to how fortunate and lucky we all are right now.

Pay It Forward

It’s always a humbling experience when you help someone or make someone’s day. Pay it forward is a social movement where you do something for someone, and then you ask for them to pay it forward, i.e. they do something for someone else at some point. So pick your moment to pay it forward, whether that’s someone you come across in the street who’s struggling with something or a random act of kindness that you feel in the moment. 

Give Back To Your Local Community

Giving back to the local community is great because it’s also helping to support the area you live in, and you want the area you live in to be thriving. And giving back can be helping to organise local events or shopping locally so that those businesses who pay a lot for their rent, can continue to thrive and stay open. Setting up initiatives and activities in your area is also beneficial.

We all experience so much in our lifetime, but the more we can realise how blessed we are and how appreciative we can be, it helps build us as better individuals.

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