I think I’ve only JUST recovered from Bongos Bingo a few weekends ago. Like I said in my last review, Bongos is an utterly unexplainable experience. Amazing, crazy, a little bit bizarre, wonderful, fun AND electric.

I was fortunate enough to grab four tickets to Bongo’s Bingo Day Of The Dead at Newcastle’s Boiler Shop with special guest Cascada. Myself and my three of my best girlfriends decided we’d have a girls night out since two of them had never been to the event before. From my previous visit, I knew exactly what sort of carnage to expect whereas these two were bongos virgins!

We arrived at the Boiler Shop around 6:30ish and it was heaving. As soon as we through the queue we grabbed a few drinks and got seated on our benches. The venue sharp filled up it was time to bingo! The atmosphere was bouncing as it always is at Bongos, the drinks were flowing and the throwback tunes were in full swing.

Around 8ish, the games began! The aim of the game is very much the same as any old game of bingo, there are prizes and cash to be won however the prizes aren’t traditional shall we say and in between each game is when it all starts to get a bit, Pete Tong.

The bingo caller and his beautiful assistants (see photo) have the crowd very much in their hands throughout the evening, they are so charismatic you can’t help but join in their chaotic games! This time for me, it was a different bingo caller to last time and he was scouse so the crowd warmed to him straight away. To be won throughout the evening was a range of wacky prizes from Coco Pops, Apple Sourz, Gin and the legendary Henry Hoover. There was some big money to be won again too, ranging from £100 to £700. Unfortunately, none of us won but it was good fun watching a handful of the crowd get lucky.

As I expected, it was another fantastic event at Bongos Bingo and I’d still 100% recommend Bongo’s Bingo to everyone, all ages, whatever your taste in music, Bongo’s Bingo is for everyone. It’s hands down the best nights out in Newcastle. Bongo’s Bingo is currently travelling all over the UK, so make sure when it comes to your town you get involved with fun!

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