Blog Goals for 2017

I can’t believe I only started blogging in April and have come this far. No, I’m not blowing my trumpet on this one, although they do say who’s going to blow your trumpet if you don’t ey? But, I never ever thought Zest of Alice would mean so much to me after such little time! I’ve had writer’s bloc; I’ve been disheartened but I’ve never given up and it’s shaped me up to be the blogger I am now.

I have met so many lovely and interesting people this year through this amazing hobby whom I would never have met in my everyday life. I’ve been to so many amazing events through blogging, learnt things I never knew before now and been presented with opportunities I could only dream of. I’m kinda’ proud of myself to be honest. I was worried when I first started blogging, mainly about what people would think not all you open minded folk but the close-minded people whom I know, grew up, even friends with because telling people about your blog is a grey area because some people just simply don’t understand it. I’m sure there’s a few people who know me, from Sunderland who read this and think I’m such a loser but I’m not, this is simply my little spot on the internet. That’s something else blogging has taught me so well and that is to care less, you will be much happier in life if you just forget about everyone else and their opinions, do more of what makes up happy.  I feel like this has been the moto to my 2016! My blog has been amongst the best parts of my year and I’m really thrilled it’s became such a huge part of my life now.

So, since there’s only a few more days left of 2016, I thought what better way to end it then a list of my blog goals for 2016.

  1. Reach up to 3k followers on Twitter

I’m leaving 2016 which almost 1.9k which is incredible to me! I’m hoping to be more engaging on Twitter, spread my name around, get to know people some more and make new friends.

  1. Competitions

I’ve had an astonishing success with Twitter competitions within the last two months and in all honesty, it’s boosted my follower count right up. I’d love to host a competition on my actual blog and do a few more on Twitter so watch this space.

  1. Reach 3.5k followers on Instagram

Instagram is such a hard one at the minute with their new algorithm updates happening all of the time and ruining our engagement but at the minute I’m pretty happy with how my followers are going and likes. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s so annoying when I gain 10 followers and lose 20… but never mind must stay positive. I’m on 2.6k currently, hopefully new goal is achievable.

  1. Fashion

I must create more fashion posts, whether it be more wish list style posts or actual outfit shoot posts. I need to! I loved shooting my one with SimplyBe, I just need to make time.

  1. Photo Props & Lighting

One of my favourite parts about blogging is most defiantly shooting, I seem to have developed a new love for photography and am obsessed with getting the right shot BUT I need better props and certainly lighting… it’s just hard trying to catch the light during the day when you work full time grr!

  1. Positivity & Optimism

I must remain positive about Zest of Alice, try not to get sensitive when my Moz score stays the same or when I lose Instagram followers… the only way is up! Plus, I must always remember I’m a strong independent woman and the world is my oyster. I can do anything I want to achieve.


What’s your blog goals for 2016?

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