Are we suffering from eco-anxiety?

You only have to turn on the news or open a newspaper to hear or read about a story regarding the environment or climate change. Over recent years it feels like there has been a significant amount of media coverage surrounding the damaging effects climate change is having across the world. Take the recent bushfires in Australia as an example. The tragic events caused devastation to millions of families and wildlife species across the country; with many people believing the fires were caused by the effects of climate change.

For a large number of people the Government and relevant parties aren’t doing enough to tackle climate change and make the world a better place for all to live in. As a result of this we are now seeing a rise in the number of activists taking to the streets to share their strong views and draw attention to the matter.

With newspapers and activist groups now turning to scaremongering techniques to make people aware of how serious they believe climate change is; it has now started to make a percentage of the population worry about the environment and what the future holds for future generations.

What is eco-anxiety and is it impacting our lives?

With an increase in the amount of people feeling anxious about the environment and climate change, the term “eco-anxiety” is now becoming more heard of. To discover how climate change is impacting people’s lives and whether or not people actually believe they suffer from eco-anxiety, online CBD retailer Truverra, carried out a study to explore this in more detail.

When looking at the study one of the most surprising results shows that 45% of respondents feel anxious or nervous for several days, when thinking about the environment. Similar to this, respondents were also asked if their anxiety about the environment has changed the way they live their lives. The results show that 56.90% of people have changed their household energy consumption, as well as 32.60% having changed their diet.

Is the UK suffering from eco-anxiety?

It’s no surprise that according to the study 70.90% of respondents haven’t heard of the term eco-anxiety, which is probably because it’s a fairly new term. Although the majority of people haven’t heard of it, almost 20% have, with just under 12% of those believing they currently or have suffered from eco-anxiety.

Although it’s not a term which is commonly heard of, you can see by these findings that a large number of people are changing their lifestyles due to worrying or feeling anxious about the environment. With the number of people feeling a sense of anxiety when it comes to the environment increasing; could we see a rise in the number of people suffering from eco-anxiety?

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