Amsterdam Mini Break



Hope you’ve all had a good weekend! Mine was spent in Amsterdam with DFDS seaways… what an experience!

So I’ve been saying for like ever that I wanted to go to Amsterdam, everyone raves on about the place and the ferry so me and my boyfriend decided to book up. This was the third time he’s been and the third time hes traveled with DFDS seaways on the mini cruise so he was trying to explain to me what it was like. I don’t know what I expected the whole experience to be like, people had told me things but you never really know till you experience it yourself do you when it comes to things like these.

We arrived at North Shields Port of Tyne around 3ish, when you book they advise you to arrive between 2pm-4PM since the ferry sets sail around 5ish. We checked in and made our way to our room, which was on the small side… by small I mean if your claustrophobic do not book a standard room. We weren’t lucky enough to have a room with a window but it was basic and clean, with bunk beds…remember when you were like 10 and it was your dream to have bunk beds, 10 years on its my kinda worst nightmare but never mind haha, all part of the experience!! In hindsight I wish we’d book a double room but at the time it was a cheap get away for us. The ferry was huge, jammed packed full of things to do, places to eat/drink, a cinema, a kids soft play, a duty free so basically a huge range. We swiftly enjoyed some cocktails and we were on our way to the Dam!!



9am the next morning we were there! We got up at 7am to ensure sure we could grab some breakfast and get sorted. We got off the ferry, passed border control and onto a transfer bus to Amsterdam City Centre which was clean, cool and extremely fast (ideal for people like me that hate waiting). We were dropped off and told to meet back at the bus point between 3/4PM for a transfer back to the Ferry.

Amsterdam is a really laid back and chilled city, it reminded me of London or even Manchester minus the rushed and busy feel. There just didn’t feel like a hurried atmosphere or anything perhaps it was do with people cruising around on bikes or the sheer happiness on peoples faces. It really felt like a different planet, especially when I came face to face with the infamous Red Light District. People tell you there are actual girls on show in windows but it actually never registers with you till you see it… I was totally stunned but I suppose I can say I’ve seen it haha.



We visited the Ice Bar which was brilliant, super super cold obvs but the few drinks I’d have prior to going in helped massively haha! It was filled with character, ice statues, the staff were full of energy although forcing you to drink shots the whole time your in there!!! Not for the faint hearted. I think we left after 20 minutes, it’s just tooooo cold. We then wondered around the city exploring, grabbed a few drinks and food. The food over there is of course amaze, there was so many dessert places… I was totally in my element and obviously got a crepe.




3PM came around and we had to head back to the bus, I wish we could have stayed longer the city has so much to offer but there’s always next time. Buses were fast and on time so we jumped on and headed back to the ferry! We decided to have a cinema night, grab some popcorn and chill after our busy day and then we were back on route to Newcastle.

It really did just go over so fast, I really enjoyed my trip to Amsterdam and recommend a mini break to anyone especially with DFDS.


  • Reply Christine September 26, 2016 at 9:47 am

    nice! you’ve done my home country justice 😀 I always love seeing other sides of this great town. I covered it in a “what can you do in 8 hours in Amsterdam” style blog/vlog. But there is so much to see and do you never run out of topics!

    • Reply Alice September 26, 2016 at 10:52 am

      Ah thank you! I’ll check out your vblog!

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