A surprise from Prestige Flowers

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE flowers!

Flowers just make my day, they are like little buds of life to me that symbolize hope. No matter what mood I’m in, flowers will always make it just that little bit better. I especially love it when my boyfriend sends me flowers, when we first got together I remember he sent me a bunch so big that they actually needed a bucket AND he got them sent to my work without even asking what the address was, how thoughtful… I knew from that point on he was a keeper. With Valentines Day coming up, I’m hoping he pulls it out of the bag as he usually does and gets me a bunch seen as though it is our first Valentines spent together! (HINT Jorden if you’re reading this, which I know you will be!)

On Wednesday, my day was made when the team at Prestige Flowers dropped me a little surprise off at work of which I received these amazing 12 red roses. I’d spoken to the team on Monday, not knowing what I would be receiving and by Wednesday a large box of which was gorgeously patterned black and white,  the brand represented appropriately so I knew what was in the box! I was excited to get in there to see what my surprise was! And boy was it a good surprise, bold, big and booming red ruthless roses. The smell hit me instantly, the aroma that only roses can bring. I lifted the bag out of the box where the bunch freely fell, the flowers fixing themselves into the their natural stance to make up the bunch that expanded in front of my eyes. They were truly stunning! The first thing I analysed about the flowers was the red petals, I couldn’t get over how red the petals appears in the natural light, they were so deep which screamed passion.

At the bottom of the box I then found a mini box of complimentary chocolate truffles which I thought and extra touch to the whole Prestige experience and something I’d definitely want to see should I be receiving Valentines flowers! The flowers also came with premium flower feed meaning you can get the most out of your flowers, making them last longer.

So, if there’s any men reading this, which I know there is… I’ve checked my Google analytics or women who have a special someone in there life (not being sexist!) I advise you to check out Prestige Flowers for Valentine Flowers. The delivery was fast, the flowers were so fresh it was unbelievable and the quality is second to non. Plus, almost a week later they are still intact, still as fresh as ever, bold full of colour and smell beautiful.

Huge thank you to the team at Prestige Flowers!

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