8 Things That Ultimately Happen When You Get In A New Relationship

  1. The Weight Gain

Possibly the best thing about a relationship is the fact you now have someone to go out with to all your bucket list of places to eat. And because every time you see each other, the first thing you suggest to do is “shall we go for food/get a take away?” But 2 months down the line you start noticing Tiny the Talking Tummy appearing… not good.

  1. The Rainbows and Happiness

Because nothing/nobody can drag you down and put you in a bad mood, not even work, not even the fact you’ve burnt your bagel or your worst enemy can upset you. Your happiness is untouchable, you see rainbows and the positive in everything and everyone! Legit I haven’t been in a mood for like 2 months. *Love Buzz*

  1. The Royalty Treatment, I’m officially a princess/queen B of everything.

Being treated nicely and having flowers delivered really does alter your ego a lil, not that I’m saying I don’t appreciate these things I’m just saying it’s like I’m being treated like a princess. You know the ones in chick flicks that you turn green over when you were younger, therefore princess/queen status comes to mind.

  1. You become THAT annoying couple in public and on Facebook.

Guilty. Any opportunity me and my boyfriend get for a photo we’re like get in position haha! Even selfies, the selfie stick and especially snapchat filter selfies (I love the dog one), I’m not even scared to ask strangers to take our photos either. I definitely give the Kardashians a run for their money.

  1. The Facebook Official Conversation

Because a relationship is never really truly official, confirmed/sealed the deal till you change your relationship status on Facebook. But with that comes the actual conversation of ‘shall we go Facebook official’ and ‘shall I send you the request?’

  1. The constant talking about your other half

I try my very hardest not to do this but sometimes you’re so wrapped up with the fairies you literally do just talk about them all the time, but it is soooo annoying when someone else brings up their partner in every conversation. “I got this top from Primark the other day, how nice” “Really nice, bae shops in there too” I don’t care.


  1. The word Bae

Referring to your other half as bae. Legit my favourite word.

  1. The Honey Moon Period

When the world revolves around each other and your relationship. Every text, phone call, Tweet, Facebook status, Instagram gives you butterflies… cringe I know. And when you get excited about every time you see each other even if it is to get a take away or go to Asda. Plus the surprises and thoughtful acts trying to impress each other.

 Hope you can all relate to this, haha!




  • Reply Christine September 26, 2016 at 9:50 am

    all I can say to this is “hahaha” some of it does ring true to me. Especially the facebook thing. Still avoiding it, but it annoyed me when he didn’t tag me in stuff.

    • Reply Alice September 26, 2016 at 10:50 am

      Haha! I would be too!

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