5 Tips For A More Usable E-Commerce Site


I always shop online, it’s not only a savvier way to buy but a lot thriftier, I am such a bargain buyer. This year I have scowled through sites trying to find the best deals on gifts and one thing I have noticed which has inspired me to write this post is how bad my experience was on some of the sites I used. As in these sites aren’t very user friendly, the layout is confusing, the loading time is so slow, the pages crash and it’s a rigmarole to actually buy a product! I can’t believe that this day in age e-commerce sites are this badly developed, especially one huge beauty brand who I’m not going to name but basically… I added an item to my basket, when to check out, entered my address, then clicked ‘Pay’ and the site then crashed! I refreshed the page, my basket was empty again so went through re-adding the item to my basket and re-entered my details, clicked ‘Pay’ again and the website crashed again! Frustrating for me as the customer, but I bet it’s even more frustrating for the brand since they lost revenue that day as I went on to find the same product for a cheaper price on a competitors site. I’m shocked for the reason that Google don’t stand for rubbish websites and actually have guidelines on website development, so anyway I thought I’d write a piece on how brands (if your reading this) or any of my readers wishing to set up their own e-commerce site can make your site more useable for us consumers!

  1. Search Section

The search bar on a site helps us find what we’re looking for, making shopping on websites straight forward, to the point and a lot faster. And this equals a satisfied customer! It sounds so easy but brands are making it so complicated for themselves and us, fetching back results of pages which 1. Aren’t relevant to the search term 2. Product descriptions of every product they ‘think’ we mean. To combat this sites should categories their products properly, meaning a more refined search.

  1. Sign Up Buttons

Stop asking us to sign up before we even browse your sites!!  It’s even worse when they are lengthy, asking pointless questions about my job and my phone number… surely you don’t need to know my occupation for the lipstick I’m buying.

  1. Buying Without Registering

I love all of you brands that don’t require me to sign up when purchasing, I really do. Me as a user, would only sign up to a site if they are offering discounts and go back to the site for custom time and time again. If it’s a one off buy, buying without registering means no long tedious sign up forms or selling on my email to secondary companies… woo!

  1. Purchasing Process Navigation

When I’m placing an order I like to know where I stand with the purchase process, how many steps I have to go through before BINGO I’ve bought the product. Without this navigation I’ll probably get bored and think this takes ages to buy meaning I won’t return or even abandon my purchase.

  1. Shopping Basket

Security is huge aspect of an e-commerce site. Users need to be reassured that the website they are about to use is safe and reliable, therefore content management must come into place and personal detail security. I urge all brands to get a trust certificate like Hacker Safe to build up customer trust and offer better shopping security.

So that’s it my top 5 tips there, it’s also worth speaking to an expert like Tekfirst, who provides ecommerce web development services in Harrogate. Get searching brands and users!

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