5 Office Must Haves


Let’s be honest work is where we spend, I’d say about 80% of our lives. It might not be our favourite place in the world but we do have grin and bear it don’t we, unless we want to live on the poverty line! I love my job and there is that old saying of “If you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life” however I bet the person that wrote that quote owned their own business and had employees to do the hard stuff ha! With winter drawing in I’ve literally never been happier to work in an office, I envied people in the summer that could go out and enjoy the sun but who’s laughing now right? Ha!  There’s nothing better than coming into work on a cold morning, grabbing a cuppa and getting lost in work.

I do however understand how increasingly hard it’s becoming to get out of bed when the weather is dull and wet, when really all you want to do is lie in bed watching TOWIE re-runs or worse Jeremy Kyle so to give myself some motivation I’ve invested in some office goodies to get my work mojo back and I thought I’d to share my office must haves.

  1. A New Mug or Waterbottle

It’s the little things isn’t it!! I’m an avid green tea drinker, to be precise I usually drink about 6/8 cups a day meaning I’m constantly on the lookout for big mugs to tide me over for half an hour or so. It’s the same with water, I heart water! I try and drink as much as I can, averaging on around 3 litres a day. I can tell straight away if I’m dehydrated I always feel pretty tired and hungry if I am plus it’s a must when you exercise. My number 1 go to place for this kinda thing is B&M’s or Home Bargains, they always have a funky collections of mugs and bottles! Vamp up your morning!!


  1. New Stationary

I mainly work on a computer but always have a pens and a note pad on hand for meetings. I have a pencil pot filled with bright coloured fine liners because there isn’t a black pen rule at my work like there was at a school and my other job, oh the joys of working in a creative business. I always have a browse for stationary in Asda but do feel myself checking out Coconut Lane at their fab ranges.


  1. Jars

An unlikely addition to my desk has been a few jars, I store my teabags, nuts and general snacks in them! I bought these from Ikea and they have really tidied up my tired looking work space, it totally got rid of clutter and packaging.


  1. A Comfy Chair

If you’re an office worker like me you spend 8 hours of your day on your booty, sitting down all day has been something I’ve struggled with since I started my job. I just can’t get comfy some days or I’m agitated and need to have a bit walk around!! I’ve brought in a few cushions to support my back and my bum and it’s made a few difference to my comfort levels but really I should suggest to my work to buy new modern office chairs, which I’ve been considering since I came across Calibre Office Furniture’s site. They have a fantastic range of office furniture In our office the comfiest chairs are the meeting room chairs and boardroom chairs, typical only for client.


  1. A Plant

I bet your thinking ‘why on earth would I buy a plant for my desk?’ Not too just look pretty I promise, it actually reduces stress. Apparently, a study carried out in 2010 recorded a significant drop in anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue when plants were located in a office *well I never!* They also increase productivity and creativity, reduce sickness and absence and create cleaner air to breath.


What are your office must haves?

*This is a collaborative post

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