4 Easy Steps To Adulting Like a Boss

Around this time of year, I’m always reminded of being back at school. Getting ready for a leavers ball or a prom, then getting ready to revise until you get a headache for your exams. You’ll start to see all of the prom pictures posted around on social media, and copious amounts of limousines driving around the neighbourhood near the school. Some school leavers will head on to University, whereas others will get straight into working. But either way, it reminds me of that time when you need to start learning to be an adult.

At the ripe old age of twenty, I have learned that being an adult isn’t necessarily something that you are; it is something that you do in small ways every day. Not everyone knows how to change a tyre or cook a chicken as soon as they hit the age of eighteen. And spoiler alert, there will still be lots of mystery surrounding the lights on your car dashboard and questions about paying tax, even when adulting. But if you’re looking to learn how to be a proper grown up, then look no further. Here are some good ways to start:


No Need To Like Things Ironically Anymore

You know when you’re at school, and it is just mega important to be a little vague and ironic, and not really like anything? Well in the adult world, you can unapologetically like the stuff that you like. Love a good Disney soundtrack in your life or the tunes of Miss Britney Spears? Then just go for it. Guilty pleasures can just be your pleasures. Because as you’ll soon find, no one really cares.

Take Care of Your Health

Yes, even when you’re still young, you need to be thinking about your health. When you’re no longer in full-time education, you can wave goodbye to any NHS freebies, or your parents calling up to make you an appointment. So it could be worth looking at getting a medical or dental plan in place. Then when you go for your checkups and appointments (that you should still go to, by the way), you can claim a certain amount of money back if you’ve got the right plan. Winning at life? I think so.

Try Something New Every Day

Stepping out into the adult world can seem a little daunting. But one way to get on with it well is to try something new every day. It might just be a new shop or supermarket. It might be a new coffee or tea; you won’t know if you’re a triple, venti, soy, no foam latte kind of person unless you try one, right? Try new hobbies; learn to cook new things. Even if it’s a disaster, you’ll know for the future.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

At the end of the day, one of the most important pieces of advice is to not underestimate yourself. You are capable of a lot; more than you give yourself credit for I’m sure. Get you head down, work hard, and you’ll be acing this adulting thing before you know it.

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