3 Surprising Ways You Can Benefit From Supporting A Charity

When you give your time or money to support a charity, the chances are you’re doing it because you want to help others. However, doing your bit for good causes can benefit you too. Here, we take a look at three of the more surprising ways you stand to gain by helping those in need.

Making new friends

Feeling a bit bored and looking to expand your social circle? Volunteering your time to help a charity could be the solution. Aid and development non-profit Human Appeal points out that getting involved in activities such as fundraising can give you a chance to meet new people and have fun. It gets you out in your community and offers you the opportunity to spend time with like-minded fellow volunteers. Whether you go to fundraisers organised by charities, arrange your own fundraising events or get involved in collections at your local university or community centre, you should find you’re able to make new friends.

Becoming more confident

Getting stuck into these activities can also increase your confidence. Whether you’re testing your skills at a fundraising challenge, spending time putting your own event together or manning the tills in a charity shop, you’re bound to learn a lot. This can be great for your self-esteem and sense of self-worth and it can make you more willing to embrace new experiences and challenges in other areas of your life.

Improving your CV

Another bonus associated with building on your skills and experiences in this way is the fact that it can give you some great material to add to your CV. For example, depending on the sort of charity activities you’re involved with, you might hone your organisational abilities, become better at motivating others to achieve their goals and get experience in leading teams. All of these traits are welcomed by employers. The fact that you’re motivated by a good cause and are willing to give your time and energy to support it can also help you to stand out when you’re trying to get employers’ attention.

There’s no shortage of worthwhile causes to support, so if you have a little space in your schedule, why not spend some time finding out how you can get involved and do your bit to help others? As well as the other benefits mentioned in this blog, getting behind a charity is bound to give you the feel-good factor.

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