Useful Storage Tips For Your Home

We all know how frustrating it can be when we appear to have more clothes, documents and everyday household items, than space in our home. We often find ourselves creating piles of clothes in any free area of the house or leaving documents on the sideboard because the drawer where these items are kept is overflowing.

Sometimes it can feel like an impossible task trying to organise your home, especially if the house you live in isn’t the most spacious property.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share some simple tips to help save space in your home. From more easy hacks you can carry out within minutes, to more long-term solutions; I hope the following can be of some help to you.

Save floor space with floating shelves

With the use of cupboards and storage boxes, it’s often floor space which we lose. Floating shelves are the perfect way to free up some of the floor space within your home, as they can be used to hold anything from books to plants.

Some people opt against floating shelves as they can be seen to get in the way. A good way to resolve this is to purchase corner shelves. These are specifically designed to fit into any corner of a room, meaning they’re more discreet.

Organise designated storage areas

For homeowners who have more rooms than people living in the property, spare rooms and garages are often turned into storage spaces.

Most garages are used to store gardening equipment, bikes and unwanted items that are yet to be sold or thrown away. By adding shelving bays to your garage, it creates a more organised space, meaning you can access items more easily.

Bikes are often kept in a garage but they also take up a considerable amount of space. The best way to keep bikes out of the way is by mounting them onto the wall. You can buy racks which are designed to hold one or more bikes onto a sturdy wall.

Purchase furniture designed to save space

Many people will already have this luxury, but one of the best ways to save space and hide clutter, is to opt for furniture with built in storage compartments.

Beds are the biggest solution, as many have built in drawers underneath them, as well as compartments at the side of the headboard. The beauty of this is that not only can you save large amounts of space within your bedroom; the compartments are discreet, making for a tidier appearance.

I hope the tips I’ve mentioned will help you save space within your home. It would be great to hear if you have any similar ideas, in the comments below

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