Bedspreads & Other Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cosy


With the cold dark nights drawing in, there is no better feeling than finishing work and coming into your cosy warm bedroom right?! I literally dream about getting back into bed during the day and how I’m going to put my jarmies on that I left on the radiator on that morning… ah the winter life!

I’ve recently just had my bedroom done out, I’ve changed the interior from creams and golds to silvers and grey – contrast I know. Believe it our not the creams made it rather light and airy whereas as now the silvers make it warm and inviting. So since I’ve been adding the final touches to my bedroom I thought I’d share my top tips to making your bedroom cosy-er.

1. Buy A New Bedspread

A bedroom wouldn’t be a bedroom without a bed. The bed is the main ingredient to this recipe so it’s crucial you have a good bed and by good I mean comfy! I have the most unreal memory foam bed which is not only comfortable but supportive for my back too, I’d definitely recommend investing in a good bed. The cherry on top of the bed is of course the sheets and bedspread, which needs to be comfy and cosy. I’ve had an absolute nightmare -pun not intended-, trying to find a quality bedspread to match my new colour scheme and wallpaper, they all just clash!! That’s until I found this wonderful selection on Yorkshire Linen and managed to find a set which complimented the room. RESULT!

2. Buy Some LED String Lights

No I don’t mean turn your room into an illumination or into a Disney Princess theme’d room, what I do mean though is buy some lights to wrap around your bed structure/head board. You can grab these for as little as £4.99 at B & Ms just like these Heart Shaped String Lights.

3. Buy Some Candles

Tea lights are my favorites for my bedroom!! I place them on my bedside tables in a tea light candle holder which just add’s that extra ‘omph’ to the cosy atmosphere. You can also buy scented candles which spread a relax essence around your room, I’m loving the Yankee Candle Festive Range! I NEED the Star Anise and Orange in my life.

4. Buy A New Speaker or Television

Having a television in your room is a bit of a taboo subject, some people argue should you really have a television in a room which is just designed for you to sleep in? I argue YES. I love having a television in my room and feel it’s 100% a must, especially when me and my Mam argue with what to watch on the telly or if I’m having an issue drifting off to sleep so usually just before bed I watch 10 minutes of TV then once I’m settled switch off and sleep… Heaven. Plus for the days where you just don’t want to move out of bed when the rain is lashing against your window, I’ve actually been looking into getting a new flat screen for my room and am desperate for a Panasonic 4K TV (please Santa I’ve been a good girl all year, promise!!) so have added it to my Christmas list ha!  A speaker is also a good accessory to have, there’s nothing better than a chilled out playlist from Spotify helping you unwind after a stressful day and I see the bedroom as a room to relax.

5.  Buy A V Pillow or Special Cushion

I bought my V pillow when I had my breast enlargement when I couldn’t sleep on my side and needed propping up now I actually use it to snuggle into and support my back, I even buy cosy cushion covers making it extra snuggly. By special cushion I mean an accessory for your bed spread and sheets, the little things in life like making your bed like a hotel bed, pretty and decorated.


Do you have any tips to make your room cosy-er this winter?

*This a collaborative piece.



  • The Brunette November 16, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Totally agree, fairly lights always make me feel more cosy!

  • Heather November 19, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    I’ve recently added fairy lights to my shelves in my bedroom and it makes the room look so cosy! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    • Alice November 19, 2016 at 5:18 pm

      How cute are they though?! X

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