Why is Collagen so important to us women?

Since getting the health and fitness bug a few years back I’m constantly researching new vitamins supplements to invest in. Some people may think being active is enough but seem forget your body needs refueling to keep going in order to get fitter and stronger.

As well as exercising to look after my body inside, I like to look after the outside i.e. my skin, hair and nails. I really do pride myself with my appearance, attending regular hair and beauty appointments you know things like that. I would say I’m probably a girly girl as may say! I just never really understand why anyone should look a mess or untidy but that’s me, I like the prime’d look.

So anyway I’ve been keeping up with new trends and came across a piece on collagen! I’ve heard of collagen because I regularly use lip fillers (FYI I have no top lip haha) but never really delved into what it actually is. So I decided to have look in to it to find out why it’s so important to us.

Collagen is a fibrous protein found in connective tissues and is prominent throughout body tissue, it is vital for producing and maintaining healthy cartilage, bones and other tissue.

Bone Health

  • Bones are primarily made up of collagen and calcium, beginning around the age of 30, your body loses bone substance faster that it can produce it meaning the level of collagen produced decreases with age as well. The worrying factor of this happening is Osteoporosis which is basically when the bone mass and mineral are lost too quickly or replaced to slowly causing brittle or weak bones, even worse is the fact women are particularly at risk of this.

Cartilage Health

  • Cartilage is mostly made up of collage and is more flexible/less dense that bone although appearing stable. It basically presents bones rubbing against each other! Collagen actually helps connect natural cartilage to engineered cartilage, aka when your take a knock or fracture to the cartilage.

Skin Health

  • The human skin contains 14 types of collagen, it supports skin strength and elasticity. In a nutshell say you fell over and scraped your leg the body produces collagen to reconnect skin tissue and help heal the injury. When collagen breaks down due to aging or disease the skin can thin, dry out and wrinkle leaving skin more susceptible to breakage.

So after learning about the importance of collagen I’ve decide it’s a must when it comes to vitamins and have actually came across a British retailer Hellenia, check their site out! Great advice on there to help decide which product is best for you.

Have you ever thought about using Hydrolised Marine Collagen?

*This is a collaborative post with Hellenia.

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