What does the perfect woman look like?

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Body confidence is so important. You are you. You are unique.

The past few days, this has been on my mind… body confidence. What does the perfect woman look like? Is she skinny? Is she curvy? Is she plus size? Is she photogenic? Who is she? And who has the right to say she is the perfect woman just because of how she looks?

Although classing myself as a confident person, who really doesn’t have a huge issue with my looks – I do have a daily battle with myself about my weight. I’m by no means fat, I’m not going to sit here and ask for attention like those lucky skinny cows usually do. But, what I am going to say is I am very critical of my weight and how my shape is. I spend hours in the gym, early mornings, eating salads and I’ve done that for a long time now since I lost weight. Recently I’ve fallen off the bandwagon, well I feel like I have, when in reality I haven’t I still hammer the gym and eat as healthy as much as I possibly can but I’ve just relaxed a little when it comes to the gym and food. I think I feel like this because the gym used to consume my life. I went whenever I possibly could, morning, day, night but what was I doing it for? What was the point? At the time it was to be skinny, not a great goal I know but I just wanted to look a certain way. Then I met the skinny goal, but it didn’t make me genuinely happy, it made me feel good being a teeny size 8 don’t get me wrong but when I think back to that point in my life I wasn’t happy, I was tired, grumpy, moody and unfulfilled (literally).

Since I met my boyfriend, I eat more, I get takeaways way too often, I eat sweets AND I’m happy. I have put a few pounds on, of which sometimes I torture myself about and then some days I couldn’t give a toss because I’m happy (I’d like to mention I can still fit in a size 8 too!). It’s just a mind battle isn’t it, I know other women probably feel the exact same way. Especially with the media portraying beautiful skinny girls as #goals. What I want to ask is, why are stick thin girls shown in this light? I’ve read so many articles on this subject and how it makes young girls compare themselves etc but honestly why?

I was reading the Daily Mail today and I saw this, “Victoria Secret Angel Romee Strijd flaunts her sensational body in a baby blue two-piece as she poses up a storm for photshoot on Venice Beach” and it really did make me feel like poo. The figure on her! You can tell that this woman is naturally skinny, she has been blessed by God with that frame. It made me feel jealous, I wanted to put down my coffee and swap it for a green tea. Why should I be made to feel like that?

Source: Daily Mail

I then stumbled across this article further down, “Lovely in lace! Curvy model Ashley Graham looks sultry while posing in bras and panties for Canadian clothing chain Addition Elle” and it inspired me yet angered me that they HAD to point out before I’d even read the article or seen the images that she was a ‘curvy model‘. Ashley Graham is smashing it for the curvacious women in society, before I open a can of worms here I am NOT repeat NOT saying that skinny women are not ‘naturally’ thin or real women because they are, they’re just lucky ha! I then had a stalk on Ashleys Instagram, it really took me aback how much her body confidence was portrayed through her images. She truly is stunning in all her glory. This image really stood out for me…

She’s made me realise that I should be doing exercise and eating well only for my health, not for any other reason. I’ve decided to loose the mind frame of wanting to look a certain way or be like a certain person because there isn’t like a law on having to be a certain size or be like a certain person. The world would be a very boring place if we all looked the same.

So that question, what does the perfect women look like? Look in the mirror! You are that women.

We are all different, we are unique, each to their own. It’s just about learning to accept who you are and how you look. Be happy, be healthy, be YOU!

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