Weight Watching

Weight watching, something I’ve struggled with since hitting my teens. Just as I’m about to turn 20, I’ve finally accepted the way I look and I’m happy about it. I’m not going to sit here and say that being over weight made me an unhappy person because it didn’t, it made me self conscious but it’s never made me truly unhappy.

I think I first started caring about my weight and my appearance when I started secondary school, I went to an all girls school where there was every shape and size. Here’s a picture of me back in year 7, aged 11/12… stunning obvs.


I think it was puppy fat back then, but I definitely remember feeling like a fat lump in PE! As I grew up I always compared my self to other girls and especially when boys came on the scene I felt that pressure that people talk about too look better. Unfortunately I was blessed with goofy teeth and chubby cheeks so when I was given a brace and a gym membership that all changed when I hit year 8/9.

I’ve been up and down for years but last year I got out of my comfort zone and decided to really get into fitness and it’s completely changed my life. I haven’t even lost that much weight, around 1 stone/half to 2 stone! I was still only a size 10/12 at my heaviest but the difference is unbelievable now, my face and everything. My secret is to probably eat as healthy as you can, cut out fizzy pop during the week (I used to be addicted to Lucozade) and stop snacking on sweets, basically move more and eat less. I’m so much happier in myself, less tired although early morning gym session are a killer! Brighter, better skin the pros of exercise are endless. I actually can’t remember what I did with my time before exercise. More pictures of me a few years back….

Still only a size 10 on here
Still only a size 10 on here
A before & after here! 2012/2015
A before & after here! 2012/2015

My weekly gym routine includes, spinning, spinning and more spinning! I get really bored easily especially when doing exercise whereas spinning, you don’t even get the chance to think never mind get bored. I’m trying out all sorts of new routines now I’m done with loosing weight my focus is more toning and muscle building now. Another aid to my weight loss and refuel has been TeaTox’s! I was first introduced to them last year when I got into Green Tea but have swore by this TeaTox by Slimming Solutions ever since I first discovered it. I actually reviewed it a while back over on Bethanie’s blog found here, give it a read!

I can’t say I really stick to diets or weigh myself often, there are times where I can eat like a pig at times where I eat rabbit food, but it’s called balance!

Prepare for plenty more weight loss posts, recipes and motivational speeches!



  • Jenna Von April 8, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    I’m glad you’re finally happy with yourself and your body Alice 🙂
    I wish I had the determination to join a gym or do exercise that I actually stick to, I just never seem to get round to it but know when I do that I’ll love it.

    Jenna von x

    • Alice April 8, 2016 at 2:36 pm

      Ah thank you lovely 🙂 You’ll be so surprised at how much it will change your life! You just have to be ready to make that change! Good luck 🙂 x

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