Transforming Your Mind, Body & Spirit In 90 Days


Getting on the road to becoming a better person is a deeply spiritual pursuit. Spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean prescribed to a certain religion, but rather shedding the layers of dishonesty and neuroticism that it’s easy to accumulate in our modern, fast-paced disposable culture. To better yourself can sometimes seem too hard, or not worth the effort, or simply too time consuming. This is not true. If you can dedicate yourself to self-improvement 30 minutes a day you’re already well on your way to achieving your personal definition of greatness, and this can be accomplished in 90 days.

This list doesn’t address a list of goals that are easy to achieve through a tried and tested formula, rather a life philosophy you can apply if you’re just feeling too lethargic or stuck in old habits to truly change. Everyone dislikes something about themselves, it’s natural. However, this guide, properly followed, should help you become a better person in a matter of months, and increase your confidence.

  1. Read Challenging Books

Reading deeply moving, challenging classical literature can feel like an overwhelming mental burden, but you’d be surprised at just how much insight into the human condition can be harvested from attempting to do so. Some of the best thinkers have channelled their deepest existential thoughts into novels, and some of the best come from Russia. Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, all of these authors have made strongly philosophical attempts to improve the collective mind of humanity and make us better as a result. They’ve framed their thoughts and ideas into relatable, emotional stories which have the power to grip you and whisk you away. Take this activity to heart, and the person who comes out on the other side will be better for the attempt.

  1. Do A Health Check

This includes meditation, new forms of exercise such as running or rowing, and simply doing a women’s health check-up at a professional medical firm. You want to take full stock of your health, how you’re functioning, what your diets like, and face facts. If you’re prone to drinking too much wine at a weekend often, or eating too many sugary snacks in your workplace, a little self-restraint can provide wonders for the way you feel long term, and slow down your ageing process.

  1. Stress-bust!

Making sure that you’re stress-free and of able mind is important. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Take time to evaluate the direction your life is taking, what you’re grateful for, what you’d like to achieve in the next five years. This is your time to get inspired, and it can be a very fun activity if you do it right. Read blogs or watch videos of people that inspire your soul, and do your best do find your own success on your terms. Never feel down because someone has achieved more than you at your age, instead use it as fuel and positive energy to attain their level and beyond.

It might seem easy to see the success of others and be attracted to their fame, but this can be dangerous. Viewing the people you’d most like to look like on Instagram or films with your favourite actresses can be a fun hobby, but ultimately you’re taking power away from yourself. Do your best to reconnect with yourself, and you’ll be a happier, healthy, more able person in no time. It’s really something you have to see to believe. It might be hard initially but bear it. The journey will squeeze enjoyment from your life you never thought possible.

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