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It’s the weeeekend, and it’s less than two weeks till I jet off to Mexico. Yes, I know you must all be totally sick of me banging on about it but I’m just SO excited, it’s constantly on my mind. You’ve also probably read all about my healthy eating efforts and commitment to the gym for the past four weeks, if not, read here and here too (enjoy!).  Just call me Mrs Motivator. These last two weeks I’ve been using TogetherHealth Vitamins, the WholeVit Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails, and OceanPure Night Time Magnesium Complex, so I thought I’d share with you how I’ve been getting on and why these sorts of vitamins are so essential to our bodies.

Let’s start with a bit of background on TogetherHealth, I’d never heard of the brand until they got in touch with me so I was rather excited to see what they had to offer. I was so shocked when I browsed around their website as they have some fantastic ranges and they’re even stocked in Holland and Barratts, you know a brand’s legit when they’re in Holland and Barratt don’t you?! The company began in Yorkshire with owners and brothers, Lee and Daniel. The two of them were on a health venture to live longer and be leaner when they realized just how difficult it is this day in age to be healthy and motivated… I feel ya brothers! In a world of hectic schedules and convenience culture, not to mention a worrying lack of naturally nutrient-rich foods, they turned to food supplements to support their health, just like me, I can definitely relate to this! Yet, all they discovered were “health” products filled with chemical additives and created using harsh methods. This resulted in them realizing that they would need to take steps to make the difference they wanted to see in the industry. Personally, I think this brand has sprung from an idea most of us healthista’s worry about when things are labeled ‘healthy’ when in reality they’re full of sugars! The pair have worked with leading experts in nutrition and health, along with the highest-quality ingredient producers in the world, and are dedicated to making the most natural, wholesome and healthiest supplements you’ll find. From the earth to the oceans, the roots of their products will always be recognizable and grounded in nature.

I was desperate to try the WholeVit Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails supplements the minute I spotted it on the website! I’ve been searching for a decent supplement for this purpose for a while because let’s face it, a girl’s gotta’ look after herself hasn’t she?! Together Health have created an inner beauty supplement to make us ladies look and feel that little bit extra special. Inside the mini capsules is a formulation of unique collagen is protein rich and complete with essential co-factors that carry nutrients to where they’re needed most in the skin. Also included is natural silica from bamboo extract, which is, the richest known natural source. Oh, how kind of them! Key points about this formula include:

  • Collagen combined in yeast extract
  • Complete nutrients with powerful natural food compounds
  • Highly absorbed, retained and utilised
  • Free from additives and processing chemicals
  • Raw ingredients
  • Non GMO
  • Free from pesticides and herbicides
  • 100% plant based vegecap may be split and powder mixed with food or drink
  • Does not contain Wheat; live yeast; starch; gluten; milk products (lactose); soya; added sugars; additives; colourings; flavourings; preservatives and GM ingredients.

I have only been using this for two weeks but I am seeing and feeling a difference. You may have read about me removing my weave, and yes I’ve been using fancy conditioner and oils to retain the moisture and growth but I do feel as though my hair has got thicker, something I didn’t know was even possible since my hair is mega thick anyway! My nails have definately seen an improvement too, I’m an avid user of acrylic nails meaning my real nails are wrecked. I’ve removed the acrylic recently to let them breathe before I get them done again for holiday and they are nowhere as near as sore as they usually are. My skin is also improving, I have had a spot of bad skin recently (no pun intended) of which I’m putting down to the gym and being sweaty constantly plus hormones. I’m really pleased with my short term results and am looking forward to what the long term results are like. It’s a yes from me!

The OceanPure Night Time Magnesium Complex capsules were also something I was very interested in trying because after using my Fitbit sleep tracker, I’ve discovered I’m a really terrible sleeper! I’m gutted about this, to be honest, and I’m trying really hard to get at least 8 hours every night but I’m very restless and can spend up to an hour a night awake. Not great when you’re on the go like I am constantly!

Together Health’s Night Time Marine Magnesium is a relaxing formulation to help you feel rested and restored. Along with all the benefits of their much-loved OceanPure™ Magnesium, they’ve added a carefully selected combination of premium hops extract and natural 5-HTP from Griffonia extract. Our bodies are able to recognize minerals with ease when they’re taken from natural sources rather than synthetically created. This means that we identify and absorb all that natural goodness far more effectively.Key points about this formula include:

  • OceanPure™ Magneisum with 5 forms of natural magnesium
  • Griffonia extract providing natural 5-HTP to increase production of melatonin and onset of sleep
  • Premium hops extract to aid sleep
  • Free from additives and processing chemicals
  • Non GMO
  • Free from pesticides and herbicides
  • Vegan

Similar to the other vitamins, I have only been using this for two weeks but I’ve seen a huge difference, it was pretty much straight away. I take two capsules 30 minutes before bed and it sends me off into a deep, peaceful sleep! I’ve been able to track my progress with the tablets via my Fitbit and it’s managed to get my restless and awake time to only 6 minutes now. I’m over the moon by this, and feel SO much better on a morning! I’d 100% recommend these to anyone who has trouble sleeping, who knew magnesium was the cure!

In conclusion, I really loved both formulas, they’ve both benefited me in different ways and I’m really pleased I’ve discovered Together Health. These little packets of wonders come in at around £13 which is an absolute bargain compared to their competitors! I love the packaging, its fun, bright and attractive, plus most importantly I love the brand, and what it stands for!

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