Staying Motivated….After the holiday season is over!

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Okay so for the most of summer I’ve let myself go a little. I’ve still kept up the exercise although it’s became seemingly harder to drag myself out of bed for the early morning sessions and the night sessions after work. My concentration on exercise and healthy eating has kinda gone out of the window since I’ve met my boyfriend, I’m not saying he’s to blame because 90% it’s my doing and my idea to go out and eat or get a takeaway or get mix ups! BUT it’s always the same when you’re happy and being reassured by other people that you look totally fine and those few pounds you’ve put on are barely visible. THEN of course I went on holiday, I ate and drank every day to my heart’s content as you do on your holiday obvs.

So now I’m paying for it, literally a couple of pounds ha! Sunday night came around and I decided to weigh myself after studying my belly in the mirror for a good 20 minutes, breathing in and out, tensing but no… my worst fear had happened before me…. I’d put weight on and I could tell. I mean it wasn’t that bad but the figure wasn’t ideal on the scales as I looked down so I decided enough was enough and to get back on track, helping is the fact I have the Great North Run in a matter of weeks so that’s another thing I know will help shed the weight off. But I’ve decided to write a list of things I hope will help staying motivated within the next few weeks…

1. Remind yourself why you want to lose weight.

Perhaps write down why you want to begin or continue your fitness journey like me. The moment I feel like running to the sweet cupboard at home or the tuck shop box at work I remind myself of why I’m doing this. The answer to that is too look good and be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what’s in front of me, I want to wear nice dresses showing off my figure and I want to feel confident doing so. I look at pictures of myself when I was at my thinnest and remember what it felt like at that time in my life, how happy I was with my appearance.

2. Set a goal.

Since I weighed myself, I’ve decided on a weight I’d like to get down to and how much I’d actually like to lose. I’ve been realistic about my approach too which is key! I’m hoping to lose about 2lbs a week. It’s something to work towards and concentrate on PLUS imagine that feeling when you meet that goal!

3. Setbacks.

I did mention in number 2, that I have been realistic with my approach and a part of that is putting things in perspective and remembering that there will be days/weeks where I’m heavier than others especially when there’s a lot of exercise involved, there is that good old saying that muscle weighs more than fat but don’t quote me on that one, just something I tell myself ha! Also remember you’re not going to get a six-pack overnight. (something I need to remember ha!)

4. Meal Prep.

Said this before and I’ll say it again… It is VITIAL you prepare your food and plan a head of your schedule especially when you work 9 till 5 like me and sit around all day in an office. I get bored and boredom leads to hunger. Healthy eating does not need to be boring, I make funky salads and allsorts it’s all about being creative with your ingredients.  The Body Coach is a great example of how healthy food can be tasty and fulfilling *note to self, must buy the book*. I even plan and prepare my snacks throughout the day too, I try to stick to a specific time for my snacks but some days I’m hungrier than others. Weekends are the hardest to meal prep for me since I usually go out but I must remember to try and get a healthy alternative.

5. Balance.

We all need carbs and we all need to refuel and most importantly we all need a cheat day. Life would be very boring if all we ate every day was chicken and veg, you need to mix it up every now and again. Have a chocolate bar if you’ve earned it, life is too short after all. I’m not saying eat a chocolate bar every day, I’m just saying treat yourself! Just because you eat one bad thing does not mean it’s going to undo all of the weight loss, it’s all about the moderation!

6. Positivity.

Wake up happy! Wake up and be thankful you are able to work on YOU and make yourself feel better, I know how hard it is when all you want is a bag of crisps or to lay on the sofa but come on. Exercise has been proven to boost your mood, endorphins their called! It also boost energy, helps combat health conditions, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, boost brain power, the list is endless… Google it! So yeah, be buzzing that you’re being so kind to yourself and body.

7. Try new things.

Mix it up, try a new gym class, run a different route, lift a heavier weight, try a new machine at the gym, try an Avocado. You are your own inspiration, do something different and make your new lifestyle enjoyable and exciting. The gym doesn’t have to be boring and like I said neither does healthy eating.

8. Remember that feeling after you’ve done a work out.

You’ve done it, you’ve done a spinning class, you’ve done a 6 mile run, you have conjured your day, the world even, you’re unstoppable. The best feeling ever, satisfaction. I must remember this feeling when I feel like skipping a day or cheating!!

Lastly, the advice I give myself every day… YOU CAN DO THIS!

How do you stay motivated? xox

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