Skinny Coffee Club – First Impressions

I love a good detox, you know me by now right? Just to recap though, I wouldn’t say massively, because that’s probably an exaggeration (even though that word literally sums me up to a T), but I do have an issue with weight. Issue, again, a word I’d take lightly. I just go through phases of being unhappy about my weight or how I look, other times I couldn’t care less. I’m perhaps a bit hard on myself sometimes and a drama queen because realistically I am a size 10 (a size 8 if I’m lucky in Primark jeans ha!) but I’m human, give me a break. I blame the Instagram perfect famous people who have abs and are naturally that thin with fast metabolisms. Those loose statements that fly around that ‘the media has created a woman who should look a certain way’ are 100% true. No matter how much I preach about loving myself or accepting myself, I do have moments where I look in the mirror and question myself why am I not ‘conventionally’ skinny. And that’s just me being honest… and a bit dramatic. Me, me, I am who I am, I am the shape I am and that’s just what my Mama gave me!

Self-love and a positive mind set about myself doesn’t stop me from thinking how unfair it is that I gain weight easy and how difficult it is for me to lose it though! I will forever be going to the gym, even when I’m 70, I just know I will be. I will always have to be careful to not over indulge or drink full-fat coke all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy person with exercise and a balanced diet. Looking after myself has many benefits as well as losing/maintaining weight and that’s what I should always remember on those days where I want to dive into a bag of sweets and ditch the gym. It is all about balance.

7 weeks till my holiday today and I’m feeling very motivated. I just want to feel good in a bikini! I’ve invested in strict personal training again, three sessions a week now for 7 whole weeks. I’m going to try and cut out alcohol altogether and get T total before a blow out in an all-inclusive. (I’ll miss you alcohol!)

Anyway, as well the exercise and healthy eating, I’ve been trying Skinny Coffee Club. Aka the program for ‘the sassy, bold and forward thinking coffee fanatics of the world!’ (ME). It’s something I’ve been considering for a while but have been a little skeptical about it.

The creators of Skinny Coffee Club have revolutionized coffee as we know it, turning a stereo typically ‘bad addiction’ into a healthy addiction. I bloody love coffee as well, but I do drink coffee as a treat since all you hear about is how bad caffeine is for you!

Skinny Coffee uses only the highest quality, organic and vegan ingredients. They state that there are no hidden toxic chemicals and inflated claims… interesting after hearing about a recent scandal by a competitor ‘detox tea’ who’s ingredients are messing around with women’s hormones, resulting in pregnancy (note to self: NEVER USE ‘weight loss tea’ again!).

A bag of 28-day Skinny Coffee Club coffee typically comes in at £24.95, a reasonable price I think! Packaging is lovely, very girly and Instagram-able. The coffee comes in a compact little pouch too. The benefits they claim the tea will have are as followed:

  • Clinically proven to lose weight fast
  •  See visible results in just one week
  •  All day energy without the come down
  •  Improves complexion – amazing skin
  •  Free weight loss plan
  • Burns fat fast and boosts metabolism
  •  Helps maintain weight after weight loss
  •  Reduces bloating fast
  •  Look and feel fabulous

This all sounds amazing but does it actually work?!

I’ve been using the tea for a week now and can confirm that I have noticed a difference in bloating and lost weight woo! So far so good. Taste wise, I love it. Genuinely as well, it’s really nice. I usually drink coffee with milk too but this is fine by itself. I have it first thing on a morning after my morning workout and it gives me that boost I need after working my a$$ off. My skin has cleared up too, as I have had a break out over the last 2 weeks or so. I’ve followed their instructions when it comes to exercise and eating, there are free plans to follow when you purchase the coffee on this one which has come in very useful.

I’m looking forward to following the rest of the plan and coffee for the next few weeks so wish me luck and stay tuned.

Have you tried Skinny Coffee Club before?

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