Scientific Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

Losing weight is never easy, so doing it quickly might seem impossible. And, if you have tried some of the ‘expert’ tips on the web, you will have good reason to assume it isn’t possible. The reality is that losing weight is achievable, as is losing it quickly. All you have to do is put your faith in science, and the pounds will pile off in no time. To do that, just take a look at the tips below which use science to lower body fat.


One of the best ways to lose weight in short space of time is to go under the knife. Stats show that up to 60% of people that try a gastric band see results within the first year. To put that into perspective, the average person can wait months to see results from a new diet. Of course, getting info about the gastric bypass surgery procedure is essential because you need to be responsible. But, you should also be open-minded. Lots of people think that surgery is cheating or immoral, and that’s wrong. If you can afford it, a band is a quick and effective way to hit your goals, and that isn’t embarrassing.

Cut Back On Carbs

There are many examples of diets that have taken advantage of carbohydrate myth in the recent years. The Atkins Diet is the first one to spring to mind. Anyone with a working knowledge of the human body knows that carbs are crucial for a balanced diet. So, why would you want to cut back? It’s because complex carbs are full of starches and they are hard to break down. When you try and lose weight, you also don’t want to burn carbohydrates – you want to burn fat. If you have excess carbs that are difficult to digest, you might put on more weight.


Eat More Protein

What are you supposed to eat instead of carbs? The answer is protein. Think of protein as a super food that wants to help you shed as much weight as possible. For one thing, the human body needs lots of it to help rebuild muscle tissue. That might not seem important, but it will do in the next paragraph. Also, protein helps speed up the metabolism which burns off more calories. In the quest to lose weight, calories are the enemy. A tip: avoid red meats. You don’t need to stop eating them altogether, but white meats are leaner and healthier.

Lift Weights

There is no way you can lose weight without exercising. Now, lots of you might already have excuses like ‘I have tried everything; I swear!’ But, have you tried everything? When people want to lose weight, they assume that they have to hit the gym. And, they also assume that they have to do as much cardio as humanly possible. Cardio is a great help, but lifting weights is just as important. Pumping iron helps burn calories as well as maintaining the metabolism, which leads to excessive weight loss.

Remember that once you lose it, you have to keep it off. Otherwise, it’s a pointless exercise.

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