October Fitness Goals | iHealth Wave Review

The post-holiday detox has begun! I did visit the hotel gym a few times while I was away, however my mind was pre-occupied by the sun and the breakfast buffet I was going to be devouring after a workout, you could say I wasn’t very focused. By the second week of the holiday I’d given up, and with good reason. I work my arse off every other week of the year at the gym, getting up at the crack of dawn, I deserved a rest. It’s important to remember that too, you should never be too hard on yourself, rest and a break from clean eating and exercise are essential. I do feel refreshed, and while I was away, I was so relaxed and not up a constant height. Me time is TLC time!

However, it’s fair to say after two weeks of carbs and alcohol, I am feeling bloated and a few pounds heavier. I haven’t weighed myself though as I just don’t believe in it, it’s all about how you feel and the way you look at yourself in the mirror. My Mam keeps telling me I haven’t put any weight on, but that’s her job to be nice ha! It was a great feeling being back at the gym this week, I’ve missed it actually. I’ve missed the accomplishment after a workout, plus the endorphins that make me feel like superwoman and the complete clear headspace. I’ve decided that working up to Christmas, I’m going to set myself some goals. I’m not going to set weight goals, more exercise and food goals. I’d really like to lift heavier and try fresher healthier recipes as I love experimenting with different foods.

I’m also considering doing Go Sober for October with McMillian, I mean that will be an achievement in itself giving up gin and prosecco for 31 whole days. I got the idea as I’ve seen a few adverts circling social media, all for a good cause! I’m going to try and drag my best friend into this health and fitness malarkey too, she’s a smoky joe so Stoptober will be ideal for her! I appreciate smoking can be a tricky habit to quit but there are so many health benefits from stopping smoking and money benefits, think of all the money she’ll save. I’ve suggested she get a www.aquavape.co.uk, they’re a great alternative and 86% of respondents consider vaping to be better than cigarettes and 41% of respondents selected fruit flavoured liquids as their preferred choice over things like menthol and sweet, win-win!

I’ve also gotten a new activity tracker this month from iHealth! I was lucky enough to be approached by the team at their HQ to see if I’d be interested in reviewing the iHeath Wave. It couldn’t have come at a better time after my holiday blowout! I was very interested to see how it’d compare to my FitBit Alta, you can read that review here! The iHealth Wave connected fitness tracker is said to accompany you all day long. It wakes you up gently each morning with its vibrating alarm and prepares for a day full of activities! I was rather excited to give it a whirl! One feature I was really looking forward to using was the swim tracker since my Alta doesn’t track swimming.

This bracelet has a smart design with a mirror-effect dial, it goes perfectly with whatever you are wearing, thanks to the choice of two different colours: black and blue bands that you are given. I really like the design of the watch as it’s sleek and modern. It works well for both males and female, a unisex design.

The iHealth Wave accompanies you, measuring:

  • Steps
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories

The feature of tracking swimming works by automatically recognising activity, duration, measures the number of movements and movements per minute, calories burned, and identifies three stroke movement including front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, number of lengths, and an activity report after a swim. Impressive. When I put it to the test it worked great, it was really insightful being able to find out the data collected by my movements since I’ve never been able to identify how well or bad a swim was. I liked the fact it recognised which stroke I was doing, I always do breaststroke and it was a correct reading on my report. The calories data was interesting to know, I was shocked at how many calories you can actually burn via swimming!

The most important feature for me to put the test under was the sleeping feature, I’ve become obsessed monitoring my sleeping habits on my Fitbit and trying different vitamins to help me sleep better since it’s so crucial to sleep well and to get enough sleep in order to face the challenges each day brings. iHealth Wave will monitor your sleep by Automatically recognising when you fall asleep, efficient sleep time displayed on app, identify the number of times you wake up during the night displayed on app and has a vibrating alarm. Overall the results were correct, my sleep is improving so it was nice to see the about of times I’m awake restless has got better.

Similar to the Fitbit there’s an app which you can synchronise all data from the iHealth Wave fitness tracker via Bluetooth 4.0 with the free iHealth MyVitals app, available for iOS and Android.  You can set your goals, and view your data and graphs at any moment. It stores your history so that you can see clearly the development of your results and share them with your friends and family. It was relatively easy to use and easy to get the hang of!


In conclusion, I’m really impressed with the iHealth Wave and I will be continuing to use it. I think it’s a great alternative to a FitBit and is really easy to use. It’s retailed at around £70 which I think is great value for money considering all its features. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to set goals and stay on track of exercise and diet development. The only thing I missed, which I have on my Fitbit was the food documenting.

Do you use a fitness tracker?

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