Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit – First Impressions

New Year, New Me? A question we all ask our self in January as we begin our fad diets and healthy eating. I’ve spoken a lot about my weightless journey on here and how my body has changed a little dramatically within the past year (i.e my breast enlargement journey) plus how I’ve managed to keep the weight off but over Christmas I’ve kind of let myself slip off the health bandwagon, which is ok… I am only human and I can have a couple of treats. I wouldn’t say I loathe my body, because I don’t… what I do loathe is my metabolism. I work hard to look like this, I go to the gym at un-earthy hours, eat salads and if I so much as look or smell something unhealthy I put at least 2lbs on (not literally, but it feels that way!) So anyway, when I got an email from the team at Nutribuddy asking if I’d like to try their weight loss starter kit, it was a definite yes from me! Bring on a little weight loss boost. Nutribuddy are a British company based in Manchester whom ship worldwide, their goal is develop effective, safe and natural weightless supplements within the health and fitness market helping its customers achieve their ideal figure.

The weight loss kit includes:

  • Sculpting Whey

Which is basically a low-calorie weight loss shake but in powder form. It contains Whey Protein, which is very high in protein meaning its super filling and helps you stay away from naughty treats whilst being low in fat and calories. The whey also contains metabolism increasing natural ingredients such as green tea and guarana. Another fact about the shake that’s worth mentioning is that it’s 100% natural, made from non-GMO ingredients, no added sugar making it the lowest calorie shake out there.

You are advised to take 30g once a day, which is the equivalent to one shake and add either 300ml of milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soya milk or water to create the perfect shake mix. The guys at Nutribuddy say the shake works best as a snack replacement… ideal for me whom is a snack monster in afternoons so when I get that sugar craving I can have my chocolate shake sculpting whey!!

  • Hunger Fix

Huger Fix is actually in a capsule form which can effectively stop hunger cravings because of the main ingredient Glucomannan. Glucomannan has been clinically proven to help lose weight due to its appetite suppression. You’re allowed to take up to 2 capsule which need to be taken 15mins – 1hour before breakfast, lunch or dinner with 1 or 2 full glasses of water.

  • Multivitamins

Multivitamins have a range of health benefits including keeping your immune system and skin healthy, reduce tiredness and fatigue, help your body release energy from the food you eat, block carbs AND help produce healthy blood cells…basically essential vitamins we need to keep our body on track. You are advised to take 1 capsule a day, easy enough. The capsule includes Vitamin E, A, B, Zinc and Copper.

  • Nutribuddy Shaker and Scooper

The ideal bottle for your sculpting whey shake and the mini scooper which ensures you get the correct amount of whey powder.

  • Little Book of Weight Loss

This is a little book of wonders, it might be little but it is jammed packed full of useful information about the products mentioned above and an eating plan.

  • Recipe Book

A sister book to the Little Book of Weight Loss wonders, it contains some amazing recipes designed to help get us nutri-goes on the right route to a healthier us!

First impressions then?

I’m so excited to start my Nutribuddy journey! Even if I don’t lose any weight, I’m really happy to be following an amazing eating plan which is going to fuel my body with all of the nutrients I need along with my strict exercise schedule. With doing around 2 hours of exercise a day for 6 days a week, early mornings and late nights, by Friday I can sometimes feel run down, very tired and moody so I’m really interested to see how the plan effects this, I’m hoping to have more energy and some more get go in me. I’ve read so many amazing reviews, fingers crossed I like it plus it’s vegan friendly! In the Little Book of Recipes, like I said before it’s full of useful information surrounding the products but one thing I did say in the ‘frequently asked’ section is about the contraceptive pill and whether it intervenes with that and it doesn’t which is great since there has been a lot of scandal recently in the media about certain supplements and diet teas messing around with it.

Let’s not forget to mention the actual branding of the product, I love the design and colours. The vibrancy really gives off a positive and summery feel to the packaging. It’s almost presenting happy and motivation isn’t it?

As I write this, it’s my first day on the plan stay tuned for my results post.

*This post contains PR samples.


  • Reply Tereza January 18, 2017 at 8:38 am

    I use the Slender Blend only because I hate the taste of normal protein shakes and because I dread bulking up. I naturally have a ‘grounded’ figure so any protein makes me a bloody ball! I need some because I go gym a lot though and it’s such a vicious cycle – so I tend to pick the slimming ones because they don’t make me bloat and they taste good. Looking forward to see what you think of the results (and the taste!:) x

    • Reply Alice January 18, 2017 at 8:44 am

      Me too! I literally hate a powdery protein shake! YAK! I’ve tried all sorts to try make them taste better like ice, drinking through a straw, different kinds of milk! I can never win! This shake on the other hand isn’t powdery and doesn’t have that distinct protein taste! It’s actually really chocolatey!! I know I’m also very picky with what protein I use! Stay tuned then 🙂 x

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