NutriBuddy – The Verdict

January may be over, but the healthy eating doesn’t stop there. If you’ve been keeping up with my recent posts, a few weeks ago I wrote about starting the weight loss starter kit from NutriBuddy (you can read that post here). I was really impressed by the kit and especially the value for money! So much is included with the kit for effective weight loss.

I started the kit with an open mind, I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past and have managed to maintain a good weight for around a year now. I eat healthy, I go to the gym a lot, and I work hard for my body plus to look/feel good about myself. After the Christmas bulk it’s fair to say I was feeling a little bloated and few pounds heavier so in January I went back to the gym in full flow with a positive mind about getting myself back in shape. I decided to try the weight loss kit for a few reasons, one being that I needed a kick-start to my weight loss – something to focus on and secondly to see whether using a protein powder plus vitamins would make me feel better as in fatigue and tiredness since training a lot takes it out of me.

Let’s start with my thoughts on the contents of the kit:

  • Sculpting Whey

I’m so clueless when it comes to protein, protein powder is protein powder right? WRONG! There are so many different types designed to have different effects and results. I was once advised to be careful when buying proteins because some are created to actually make you gain weight rather than maintain/loose it! The NutriBuddy Whey is low calorie, contains metabolism increasing natural ingredients plus low in fact so I was thrilled to be using something correct that I actually need to aid my weight loss. I’m not a huge fan off shakes, even milkshakes it’s the texture that gets me but this one was alright. Alright seems like a really dull word but alright to me means it was drinkable, tasty and bearable. I went for the chocolate flavour which was honestly, hand on heart really nice. The minute I mixed the powder with some almond milk the chocolatey flavours oozed out and the smell hit me, it really smells like oreos. I enjoyed the shake every afternoon around 3ish when my sweet tooth would come and say hello, so it was the perfect quick fix that kept me feeling full. I tried Soya and Almond milk with the shake, in conclusion the almond milk made the shake taste better.

  • Hunger Fix Capsules

I found these capsules did work as instructed, my cravings really did take a back seat for the two weeks I used the kit. I’m saying I never fancied anything sweet ever because I did but the shake sorted those thoughts out. In a day, I usually crave a mix up and chocolate maybe twice a day but because of the capsules I didn’t feel so engrossed in needing sweets of which I feel has played  a huge part in my weight loss.

  • Multivitamins

I officially swear by these beauties. Designed to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, boost energy, block carbs and produce healthy blood cells… I can vouch I felt a lot better on them. As I’ve mentioned, I get very tired since I train some days morning and night 5-6 days a week using the vitamins gave me a well needed boost and I feel brilliant, really fresh and awake every day.

So let’s talk about my weightless, I lost a whooping half a stone… that’s 7lbs. I’m SO happy with my results, especially since after losing the mass of my weight I struggle to shift anymore normally. I loved the simplicity of the kit and how easy it was to stick too plus the fact you have a handy recipe book to inspire your food in take. NutriBuddy isn’t a weight loss kit where you lose it quickly and unhealthily, you lose weight through eating right and moving more. I’ve tried a few quick fixes in my time like laxative teas but this is the right way to do it! I loved the kit and will definitely be purchasing another to carry on my effective HEALTHY weight loss! Plus I really think the price of the product coming in at only £24.99.

*This post contains PR samples

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