Not Using Your Garage? Turn It Into a Personal Gym

There is often a long period between someone first buying a gym membership and them actually going to the gym for which they purchased that membership!. This is a very common problem, more so than you might think. People think that by buying a gym membership, they’ll definitely go to the gym. But even with money leaving their bank accounts every month, many people still don’t attend the gym. Typical: it’s one of the few times people don’t succumb to the sunk cost fallacy, and it’s to their own detriment!

So why does this happen? It’s easy to assume that it’s the result of a simple desire not to work out. It’s strenuous physical effort, after all. This is a pretty bad mindset to have, and something you should definitely work on getting rid of for your long-term health. But perhaps it’s also a problem of time. There are people who will go for a run around their neighbourhood when they need to work out, but travelling to the gym itself may be too much of a hassle.

There are also a bunch of other problems that come with everything else going to the gym requires. You need appropriate clothing. You need to wait until the facilities you want are free. There are people everywhere; no privacy. There are problems with hygiene.

But people end up not cancelling their membership because they’re convinced they’ll go to the gym one day. If you’re barely using your gym membership, or not using it at all, why not consider making your own gym at home? If you have a garage, then you’ve got the room that you need.

It’s easier than you think to simply get your workout fix at home, and there are also tremendous benefits to it. But taking things a step further by doing a basic conversion of home space you’re not using all that much can really help you take your workouts to the next level.

Garages have always been great places for work and seclusion. People often forget about their potential because they’ve got their car parked in there. To be fair, that is what garages are for. But why not take your car out when you feel like working out and setting up some equipment? This doesn’t require a massive and expensive conversion. You’re not trying to make your garage look like a professional, mainstream gym! It will just be a simple place where you can exercise without fear or distraction.

There are also other benefits to have your own little gym. One that you may not have thought of yet is that you can turn it into a moneymaker. No, you probably can’t turn it into a small local gym – there will be local regulations preventing that! But you could consider taking a personal training course and becoming a fitness instructor. You’ll be able to invite clients to your personal gym to help them train – something they may much prefer versus going to the gym!

The first step is to make some room. Once you’ve removed the car (if you had one in there), stand in the middle of the garage and assess the room. If you want a garage gym, you’ll probably want a treadmill, a cross trainer, weights, etc. Do you have enough room in there for, say, three or four pieces of gym equipment?

If you order what you need from a sports and fitness equipment store, then you can start sorting out your garage while you wait for the delivery. Chances are you need to declutter; the average garage is filled with useless junk! Assess what items you have in the garage and only keep what you really need. Be brutal.

The next thing to do is work out a space-efficient way of storing what you do keep. Sure, you could dedicate some of the garage to stackable containers. But if you really want to save floor space then you should look into a sliding storage system. Put it all safely above your head!

It’s recommended that you have a good ventilation system in your garage if you’re going to be working out in there. You need to keep it fresh, after all! If you have a window in there, then you may already be sorted. For the rest of us, fitting the garage up with some air conditioning or other cooling alternatives is key.

No distracting television, no awful pop music, and no-one trying to hit on you when you’re trying to get fit. There’s no reason not to love a cheap, simple garage gym!

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