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I have a confession. I’m a snack monster. I eat when I’m bored without fail! I don’t know what it is or why I do it, I just do. I can actually justify it though, since I’m doing a lot of exercise my excuse is that I have to refuel and eating every so often is actually good for you, keeping your metabolism on the go as long and all that jazz but as long as it’s the good stuff and not the bad stuff i.e sweets. *rolls eyes*

Having said this, while I’m at work my snack times around 2PM & 3PM so I usually snack on peanut butter and rice cakes, nuts and fruit which always help the sweet tooth craving but as always I’m constantly on the lookout for new healthy snacks and I have news for you all…great news for you all… I have found a healthy popcorn. That’s right HEALTHY SUPERFOOD POPCORN!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Ninas Popcorn dropped me a line telling me all about their innovative new product! Basically they’ve developed an exciting range of naturally nutritious superfood popcorn. They use antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredients only plus 100% plant based making their popcorn gluten, wheat, dairy AND refined sugar free. Unbelievable I know right.

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My first thought was, but what does the popcorn actually taste like? So they sent me over some samples to try! I received four bags and here’s how I got on:

  1. Sweet Coconut, Himalayan Pink Salt & Maca Popcorn

Calculated at only 120 calories per bag, I’m impressed. In fact I loved it! I’m a salt kinda popcorn gal so I find it hard to be adventurous when it comes to popcorn but this was delicious! The coconut worked so well with the pink salt, no too sweet either although it is fragrancey but in a good way. Not only does this hit my savory spot, it also hits my sweet spot.

  1. Cacao, Goji Berries & Pistachios Popcorn

My favourite! I’m a sucker for chocolate so loved the cacoa! I was so surprised that this flavour actually worked and I actually liked it since I hate toffee flavour popcorn!! These we’re yummy with a cuppa green tea. Totalled at 134 calories.

  1. Spicy Sriracha & Spirulina Popcorn

The packet really does mean it when it says spicy, it certainly has a kick I must say it did take my breath away BUT I liked it and polished off the full bag. This is hit more of the savory spot for me and reminded me of spicy nachos minus the calories result (120 calories to be precise).

  1. Lemony Kale & Black Pepper Popcorn

Honestly I thought this flavour would be my favourite but it was actually my least favourite. The black pepper over does the lemon so it’s got a kick to it. Although having that kick they are delightful especially for 79 calories.

IMG_0345 (2) IMG_0346 (2) IMG_0347 (2) IMG_0348 (2)

So in conclusion, I love Ninas Popcorn!! So super tasty and guilt free. Another factor of this product I have to mention is the branding, it is so tasteful. The bags are so aesthetically pleasing and definitely Instagram worthy in fact I didn’t want to open the bags or even through them away and ruin them haha! Ninas is a really funky modern brand which I think will attract the health conscious, trendy individuals out there. You can buy this taster pack for only £8.00 here, get trying!

* I was sent the taster pack from Ninas Popcorn complimentary but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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