Newsflash! Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have To Be Dull

Be honest. How many times have you been on a diet? Now that you’ve answered that question, ask yourself another. How many times have you lost weight and then put it back on? The trouble with dieting is that often, it’s not sustainable. The key to dropping weight and keeping it off is adopting new habits. There’s an assumption that healthy eating is dull, but you don’t have to restrict yourself to leaves to be healthy. If your idea of a diet is surviving on soup for a month or cutting out every carb on the planet, it’s time to get real. Here are some ways you can improve your diet without giving up everything you love.

Finding healthier alternatives

You’re on a diet. What do you crave? Is it a slice of pizza topped with melting mozzarella and pepperoni? Or a chippy tea on a Friday night? Do you dream of a juicy burger when you close your eyes or can you not stop thinking about devouring a bar of chocolate or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s? Whatever your weakness, it’s highly likely that there are healthier alternatives you can include in your diet. Changing the way you prepare meals can also make a massive difference. Rather than reaching for the deep fat fryer, swap oil-drenched chips for baked sweet potato wedges. All you need is a couple of drops of olive oil, a hot oven, and you’ve got a tasty alternative in no time. Take a burger. If you swap beef mince for turkey mince and grill the meat instead of frying it, you can save yourself a load of calories and still enjoy your dinner.

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Controlling your portion size

You’ve probably come across the mantle, ‘everything is ok in moderation.’ When you diet, you tend to remove things altogether, and this can be where the problem lies. If something is off-limits, you’re automatically going to crave that food. Instead of taking everything away from your diet, pay more attention to portion sizes. Your body only needs a certain amount of food, so don’t continue to eat if you’re already full just because there’s still food on your plate. If you can’t leave anything, use smaller plates and make less. Aim to eat healthily for most of the week, but allow yourself a treat day. This way, you get a much better balance.

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Focusing on nutrition

Most people change their diet to lose weight. It’s good to do this if you are overweight, but try not to lose sight of the importance of healthy eating. You may think that you need to look into health supplements to improve your health, but your diet should provide you with everything you need. Choose foods that have nutritional value. Being slim doesn’t always mean that you’re healthy. Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet, swap white bread and rice for whole grain versions, and monitor your intake of protein and fats. Eggs, fish, nuts, seeds and lean meat are excellent additions to your diet.  

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Many of us have trouble losing weight because we’re big fans of food. If you like to eat, but you want to be slimmer, there are ways of enjoying healthy eating. Focus on nutrition, increase your intake of foods that have benefits for your body and try and vary your meals. Don’t deprive yourself and look for healthier ways of recreating your favourite dishes.


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