MyProtein Weight-loss Bundle Review

After two holidays – Venice and Spain, then a long weekend in London, all within the space of three weeks, it was fair to say I was feeling a little bloated and looking a bit fuller faced.

Three weeks ago I felt like absolute crap, standard really after drinking copious amounts of prosecco, sugary cocktails and eating carbs like they were going out of fashion. I don’t know why I do this to myself! I do however have to remind myself that life is about living and not about diets. No regrets really, I mean how could I not eat pasta and pizza every day while I was in Venice for God’s sake?! Or pass up on frozen strawberry daiquiris on the beach in Spain?! Give me a break!

Anyway, reality hit me like a ton of bricks when I stepped on the scales. Horrified, upset, overweight, disgust, are just some of the words I’d sum up that feeling of seeing the figures appear on my scales. The heaviest I’d ever been. I decided I really did need to take my food choices and exercise seriously after a year of the pounds creeping on and my attitude of ‘yolo’ towards food.

Don’t get me wrong, on holiday I didn’t feel self-conscious or loathe my body in a bikini, I think I’ve just learned to accept my body and that I’ll never look a certain way! That doesn’t mean I can’t set goals for myself, and better myself. When I first lost a lot of weight, I was still a youngish woman. Now I’m a few years older, my hips have definitely widened ha… all about those curves.

So, after feeling down about my weight I decided to get my mojo back and do something about it. I’m really motivated when it comes to exercise I just get tired and fatigue very easily meaning I flop and crave carbs and sugar! To tackle this, I bought this MyProtein Weightloss bundle.

Neither this bundle or MyProetin as a brand, do not promote fast weight loss. They promote healthy, steady weight loss. I went for this bundle for a couple of reasons, like the value for money, I managed to bag 30% off when I bought it and I couldn’t believe how much was included! It seemed like the perfect package and covered everything I was after.

The bundle includes:

1. Impact Diet Whey 

You can select any flavour you like, they have a great selection! I went for Latte flavour. The whey is:

  • High in protein which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Contains Green Tea Extract & Acetyl L Carnitine

MyProtein recommends: Consuming 2 large scoops with milk or water 30 minutes pre/post workout, or anytime throughout the day.

2. Thermopure (90 Caps)

Thermopure, aka fat burner. This contains:

  • Vitamin B6 which contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism
  • 150mg of caffeine

MyProtein recommends: Taking 3 capsules 30 minutes before training on an empty stomach.

3. CLA (60 Caps)

CLA has been gained a lot of attention within the fitness industry and is of a growing popularity amongst gym goers, bodybuilders and individuals looking to burn fat. CLA is:

  • Heavily researched supplement
  • Is an OMEGA 6 fatty acid

MyProtein recommends: Taking 2 soft gels with meals.

4. OMEGA 3 1000mg (90 softgels)

  • Contain EPA and DHA which contribute to the normal function of the heart

MyProtein recommends: Taking 1 softgel up to 3 times daily, preferably with meals

5. Daily Vitamins (60 tablets)

  • Daily Vitamins contain 7 essential vitamins, including B vitamins, vitamin C, E, A and D3.
  • Vitamin B6 and B12 contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

MyProtein recommends: Consuming 1 tablet daily with food.

6. Myprotein Blender Bottle (600ml)

  • Your powdered supplements taste smooth, delicious and lump-free
  • Can be used to keep you hydrated during the gym, at work and on your travels.

Let’s start with the Diet Whey, I literally hate protein shakes… YAK YAK YAK! I think it might be the texture, just not for me. However, I did force this one down and it certainly wasn’t as bad as expected. The strong Latte flavour mixed with some ice, tricked me into thinking I was having an iced coffee. I have the shake after a gruelling 6am morning work out which instantly picks me up since I’m usually a little tired. It also keeps me going till I have my breakfast at 10am.

The thermopure  seems to be working a treat for me, again I have it as soon as I wake up before my 6am workout. The caffeine is definitely making me feel more awake and I’m sweating an awful lot. I consume the CLA with every meal, two capsules at a go. I also take the OMEGA 3 and daily vitamins together on a morning after a workout.

Overall I feel amazing, I’m bursting with energy. I’m focused, not only with my diet and exercise routine but also at work. I feel constantly on a high and very happy, perhaps it’s those endorphins lasting longer from the exercise. I mentioned that I get fatigue easily, this now seems to be a problem of the past, I bounce out of bed on a morning raring to burn some calories. Overall I’ve lost around half a stone, 7lbs. I had a health check at work the other day and it turns out I’m lean as a bean. My six day a week exercise routines are paying off and I’m almost 7 stone muscle.

My new found motivation means I’m pushing myself even further at the gym and have started lifting heavier and everything. I’d 100% recommend the bundle for anyone after a huge pick me up! I feel great and am well on my way to finding my abs again.

Do you use supplements?

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