My Breast Enlargement Journey Part 1


It’s taken me a while to pluck up the courage to write about this, I’ve umm’d and arr’d for ages but today I finally decided why not? I’m really proud of the fact I’ve had a boob job, I done it to better myself and that’s exactly what it’s done in my eyes.ย So lets start from the beginning, grab a cuppa this is going to be a long one!

When I was a teen I always had big boobs, I remember getting my first Primark padded bra when I was in year 7! Yes I was as young as 12 when I needed a bra, like I say I was blessed although at the time I envied the girls in my school that didn’t have to wear a bra and were super skinny because with my big boobs came my chubby frame. I never felted ridiculously over weight at school and my chubbiness never got me down even when a few lads in my year called me fat and whatever, I wasn’t bothered I’m not the type of person to get offended by that sort of name calling. Still my weight was an issue, puppy fat they call it! My Mam was super supportive and joined the gym with me, from about the age of 14 I was up and down, fluctuating with my weight. I look at some photographs of myself when I was younger and one makes me look super big and the others I just look normal, shall we say medium not fat not skinny if you get me.


I’m a confident person within myself and have never had low self esteem or anything like that, I got attention from boys, likes on my Facebook profile pictures and to me I was fine, I didn’t have an issue with my image and growing up that stayed the same. I was happy with my looks and always kept myself looking presentable, interested in hair extensions, beauty, fashion. I then hit about 16, and was at my biggest, by big I mean it was big to me. I still fitted into a size 10/12 but my face was like a balloon, I don’t know how I got like that perhaps it was because I was happy and when I’m happy I eat, I was in a good relationship at the time, a good place perhaps I’d just simply let my self go…

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I left school, got a full time job and became single… I’d started to grow up, going out every weekend when I hit 18 partying and still my weight continue to fluctuate and I was starting to become unhappy as I tried on bodycon dresses revealing my lumps and bumps so one day I just decided enough was enough and I was going to loose weight. The gym soon became my second home, I lived eat breathed the gym, I was obsessed. I just loved it, it was a place where I could relax, release my endorphin AND loose weight. The weight quickly dropped off me, I didn’t go to an extreme and I didn’t stick to any diets, I just worked my bum off in the gym and ate as well as I could plus still eating carbs and chocolate. I was finally happy with my figure, I was ‘skinny’ I know it’s an awful word but I’d achieved the look that I’d always dreamed of! I only lost around 1/2 stone but it has made such a difference, it was unbelievable.

But…with all the weight I’d lost, I’d also lost my perky big boobies. I’d just like to take the time to say RIP to my natural boobs. I dropped from a 32DD to a 32B, the shape, the roundness, the pointing north had all gone, my boobs now looked like deflated balloons, tubular and literally flat chested. I hated them, I never filled bras now, I had to wear those god awful three times padded maxi-misers AND put socks down my bra just to get a bit ommmph in them. My Mam would also say how dramatic I was being, or ‘they look fine Alice’ but I knew, I could see in the mirror. There was one particular moment I remember with My Mam, when we were in New Look and I was trying on a bikini for my girls holiday and my boobs literally looked like a pancake and my Mam went ‘oh Alice, I know what you mean now’ and bless her she know understood my moaning.

now loss-1 loss

Months went on and I was still having issues with my breasts and then December last year a few days after Christmas I had decided, enough was enough. I wanted a boob job. I had the money, I’d been on a good wage and it was between a new car or a new set of boobs, I knew what I wanted most. So, I went out for a meal with my Mam and told her and she looked at me and said, go for it. I was so happy she was supporting my decision. With only being 19 at the time I was so worried she’d think I’d be too young but that was a factor in this decision, I was 19 and had boobs like a 90 year old that faced south!!! I wanted to wear booby dresses, I wanted to show off my figure and she understood that. I was so pleased!!

The next day I immediately started researching companies, one name stood out from all and that was MYA ‘Make Yourself Amazing’. I heard about MYA from Vicky Pattinson the Geordie Shore Queen, she had also lost a lot of weight like me and had the same issues plus MYA had social media, something that mainly all cosmetic surgery’s don’t have! I left my email and telephone number on an inquiry form on their site and literally the next day the gave me a call and that was the start of my breast enlargement journey with MYA…

Part 2 of this post, coming very soon.

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