METABURN: The Review


With summer just around the corner I’ve been attempting to step my game up at the gym since I have a girl’s holiday to Zante in August (trying to get beach bod ready). If you’ve been following my posts you’ll know I’ve been training with a personal trainer too, so well back on the gym waggon! A few weeks ago I was contacted by the team at METABURN and sent their new product. METABURN is a fat burner and when combined with an effective diet and exercise routine, METABURN ingredients have been scientifically proven to help burn and mobilise stored fats in the body. It’s jammed packed with a combination of the most powerful biologically active ingredients that aid weight loss. To be specific, it contains Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea, Raspberry Ketones of which makes METABURN plus Sinetrol forms the core of their thermogenic formulation.

My lifestyle is some might say is 80/20 – 80% healthy eating and training, 20% cheat days and chilling which is basically 5 days during the week and 2 days over the weekend! I eat all the right foods and the right portions, I’m extra careful at the minute due to my IBS with just finding out I have it. I’m still only discovering foods that trigger it… tomatoes and fibre seem to the devil recently.

So I took METABURN for two and half weeks, I would have liked to continue with the course of tablets however due to my IBS and some side effects I’ve had to stop which is a shame because it really does work. I’m really sceptical when it comes to trying things like Fat Burners because I think sometimes there used as a quick fix and people have really negative perceptions of them, plus I’ve tried other fat burners before and they definitely didn’t work. However METABURN was different, perhaps because I used them properly so that they were effective i.e. balanced healthy diet along with a good exercise routine. Please note, I do go to the gym 5 days a week and do a mixture of cardio and weight training.

Let’s set the scene with my diet that I followed during the two and a half weeks on METABURN:

Breakfast – Porridge sprinkled with almonds and berries or bagel with avocado/scrambled egg.

Lunch – Green Salad with chicken

Dinner – Chicken Stir Fry/High Protein meal

Snacks – Fruit, protein brownie, peanut butter with banana on a rice cake, nuts

And lets the scene with my exercise routine over that period:

Monday: Outdoor running

Tuesday: 1 hour with my personal trainer then spinning for 1 hour

Wednesday: 1 hour with my personal trainer

Thursday: 2 hours Bootcamp

Friday: Outdoor running

Week 1

Every day I took the tablets religiously, one at 2pm with food then two before exercise which is usually around 5pm. The effects of the tablets were noticeable for me, usually by 5pm after 8 hours at work I’m dreading the gym but I was actually quite excited and had energy for once all week. After I have my personal trainer I’m usually very tired, lack energy/motivation to do spinning and sometimes have to take it easy in spinning but I had bundles of energy for spinning I felt like I could go and go.

Week 2

By week 2 I was already feeling much leaner, I could definitely notice a weight loss within myself when I looked in the mirror. I hate weighing myself, just because I think it can dishearten you when you’re trying to be positive when losing weight but I always remember that muscle weighs more than fat so that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but anyway I bite the bullet and weighed myself and saw an amazing 3lb weight loss! It might not sound a lot but for the past year since losing a lot of weight I’ve just stayed the same and been a little lbs heavier or lower, fluctuating should I say!

Week 3, which was 3 days

At this point my IBS started flaring up again which I put down to fibre and being a little run down. It’s really hard to stay focused when you ill because all you crave is carbs haha! So after speaking to a doctor they advised me not to take the rest of the course while I was trying to get better… shame!


Before and After

In conclusion, after using METABURN for almost three weeks I noticed a weight loss so yes it does help aid weight loss as it claims and did work very well. It did make me sweat a hell of a lot more but that’s what it’s meant to do! I felt energised but not buzzing like some fat burners can make you feel similar with pre work outs. I was also worried about the Coffee Bean extract giving me headaches and keeping me awake at night since I don’t drink a lot of caffeine but it didn’t. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a little nudge to lose some weight as long as it’s used safely along with a balanced diet and exercise!

You can check out the brand on Facebook found here and buy METABURN here.

*I was sent METABURN free of charge but all opinions and views are my own.

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