Impossible Is Nothing: Attaining Your Health Goals

Who would have thought that living a healthy and fit life would be so difficult for modern mankind? It’s truly a phenomenon that we have never experienced before. All other periods in our history were defined by never having enough to eat and always have too much to do. Now, however, we are leading lives opposite to this as we have more comfort and convenience than ever, as well as all the food we could possibly need or want. It’s inevitable then, that we will be facing many challenges regarding our health and fitness. It’s difficult to find time to break away from our normal routine, to workout. It’s very easy to buy cheap unhealthy food while you get less for more money when you buy healthier options. All of this makes attaining our health goals very difficult. But with these tips, you will find they are not impossible.

Start slow and loyal

Creating a routine that’s friendly to your novice body is not difficult. We know that we can only do a certain amount of exercise before we feel very fatigued. So very early on in our lifestyle change, a slow and steady workout regimen is the best way forward. However, it’s not the routine or even the workout itself that causes trouble, it’s our lack of loyalty to it. We find it difficult to get up and go when we know we should. So what can you do about it? Here are some techniques which you can use to force yourself out of the door and into the gym or for a jog around the neighborhood.

  • Set multiple alarms: Whatever time you are going for a workout, set an alarm on your mobile. Set up to three or more if you have to. Label the alarm so you can see what the alarm is for, reminding you in case you forget. If you have the urge to shut off the alarm, don’t worry because there will be more following behind it. Set the other alarms in intervals of one or two minutes. If you shut off the first alarm and don’t go, there will be another two to follow. This is simply, quite annoying, so you are forced out of the door. You can turn off the other alarms as you’re getting dressed for the workout.
  • Give yourself a treat: At the end of every workout, you should give yourself a treat. This can be something as simple as a chocolate bar, or perhaps a nice hot bath. Do something that you can look forward to, after the workout. You can only have this treatment if you go for a workout. This is something that you will need to instill in your mind, to stick to discipline. 
  • Ready to go: Keep all of your workout gear and clothes, organized and ready to go. One of the things that put us off going to workout is the lack of preparedness. If we cannot access our trainers and sports clothing without having to rummage through a laundry basket or at the back of our wardrobe, we tend to make an excuse and stay home. Always have your fitness gear, in a position where it’s easily accessible and organized.

Buy clothing practically-minded

Buying fitness clothing is a lot harder than normal clothes shopping. When you’re buying for fashion and style, you know what you want and why you want it. When you’re buying fitness clothes, you really see them in a more practical light. Or at least, you should. Don’t ever buy fitness clothing for the purposes of looking great. You are buying fitness gear to give you the best chance at performing during your workouts. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re buying the right kind of clothes.

Upper body

With regards to t-shirts and long sleeve tops, you want clothing that allows your skin to breathe. Remember that you’re going to be sweating and you want the beads of sweat to evaporate and not be absorbed by the material. This can lead to the sweat being absorbed by the skin, infections in the armpits and general discomfort from the clothing sticking to your body. 

Buy goggles and headbands that don’t move. Running goggles should not be heavy as they will tend to move more when you’re running. The fit, however, is the more important thing as they need to stay on your face even when you’re riding a mountain bike up a hill, running on uneven ground or perhaps doing pushups. The same goes for any headband, it should not be moving as you workout.

Lower body

The same sort of concept for your lower body needs to be adhered to. You want clothing that will breathe with your skin, allowing sweat to evaporate and not stick to your skin. Nylon and polyester are naturally great materials for leggings, running trousers and shorts. However certain cotton is also good if they are made from finer or a higher thread count. 

Don’t go in between tight and loose. If you don’t want to wear tight clothing, then go for something loose-fitting rather than a medium-tight trouser. This is because both ends of the fit spectrum offer the same thing, freedom of movement. You will have a better range of movement with tight or loose-fitting workout clothing than an uneven fit that is tight in some areas and loose in others.

Combat your weaknesses

More than likely there will be a few things that are holding you back from your health goals. It’s never just one thing. Alcohol is the mortal enemy of healthy bodies. Perhaps more than anything else, alcohol greatly damages all the gains you make in the gym. It slows down your metabolism, makes your skin work harder to sweat as your pores become clogged with waste and toxins, and you gain a lot of weight quickly. But for some people, it’s not so easy changing their lifestyle, even if it’s hurting them. If you have a concern about your own substance-taking, then you always have options to combat your weaknesses. Take a look at these kinds of rehab clinics where you will have the comfort of your own room and surrounded by calming neutral decor. Your care will be unique to yourself, as a full mind and body examination will be followed with prescribed medications to help you with withdrawal symptoms. You will also be able to attend group discussions about addiction so you can learn from other people’s stories. 

You’ll also be given massages to help your body relax and flush out all the toxins leftover in your body, as treatment continues. A full holistic approach is taken in this regard. Cognitive therapy is also something you will be given, so your mind will not only get stronger but quicker and more efficient at solving problems. 

The age-old excuse

Not feeling energized enough, is the age-old excuse everyone has used. Well, there’s a simple answer to that, get more sleep. You need to have your 8-hours of sleep every single day, to feel properly recharged and raring to go for your morning workouts. Plan your day and stick to a schedule. If you need to leave your home at 8 o’clock to get to work on time, then give yourself an extra hour to do your workout, shower, eat and get dressed. Wake up at 6:30 or 7:00 am so you will have enough time to do everything. This then inevitably means you will need to get to bed at 10 or 11 pm the previous night. It’s best to get to bed half an hour early, as it will take some time for your mind to switch off. 

This kind of planning and thinking is definitely something you need to do, to give your body the time it needs to recover. 

Keep reminding yourself

There’s a reason why you want to get fitter and healthier. You either want to look and feel better about your body, wish to increase your chances of prolonged life or wish to feel better in general due to a life of abusing your body with substances and bad habits. Remind yourself every day, why it’s important to stick to your workout schedule.

No matter how difficult it gets, you will need to make sure that you are fighting through the pain barrier. Remind yourself to give your body what it needs to recover. Eat plenty of protein, get the right amount of sleep you need and stay away from things you know are no good for you, such as junk food. 

Your fitness goes are attainable. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to put in the hard work and dedicate your time to something. Buy the right kind of clothing so you feel comfortable when doing strenuous physical activity. Make sure you have had enough sleep so your body is ready to be pushed and still have enough energy for a full working day. Reach out for help if you are suffering from bad habits and substance abuse as this is a hurdle many cannot jump over by themselves.

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