I’ll start on Monday…

Another weekend over… gutted! However nice four day week for me since it’s my birthday on Saturday and have planned a long weekend off work, happy days. So after a few G&T’s, chips and chocolate this weekend I kinda feel like I’ve fallen off my health wagon, which isn’t the best when I’m wearing a fitted white dress for my birthday night out -screams- so that gives me less than a week to de-bloat and work my butt off in the gym. LET THE HEALTH KICK COMMENCE! I wish I was one of these people that only ate to survive and didn’t enjoy food, it’s literally all I think about!! So with this in mind and it being Monday tomorrow I’ve decided to share with you all my Monday Motivation top 5.

  1. Meal Prep – it’s essential. Even write down or have in mind a plan of what you’ll be eating for the next five days, start with your three main meals of the day and then snacks. We all know what time of day our cravings kick in, mine happens to be around 2pm-3pm every afternoon and usually for sweeties! Also do not depress your diet enough by buying crap food, I literally can’t think of anything worse than having a boring breakfast or devastating dinner, I usually make myself a really funky colourful salad for dinner when I’m at work because it looks tasty and appealing. I think it’s really important to plan out your food because you then look forward to your meals! PS go out and buy your self some flavoured green tea! salad 1
  2. Exercise Plan. Decide what classes/routines you’ll be doing at the gym or at home. I go to an Everyone Active Gym, they have an app which I can check the class schedule and book classes within seconds it’s ideal really, so everyone Sunday I log on the app and plan what days I’ll be doing cardio, what days I’ll be doing weights.
  3. Plan your gym outfits! I must spend about 70% of my life in active wear so I always make sure I look half decent in it because realistic I’m going to have frizzy hair and smudged mascara by the end of my work out but at least my clothes will make me look a 5/10 ha! Plus come on girls, there is no need not to look cute at the gym these days with the fab cheap active wear range in Primark, even Tescos have a gorgeous range at the minute.gym
  4. Pinterest. Because typing in ‘Healthy’ in the search bar really does inspire you, there are some fab foodie hints and tips on there, get searching! And cringey, cheese quotes really do motivate you too, well they motivate me.fitness quote
  5. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW! If I was afraid to try something new I would never have tried spinning, the thought of it made me want to be sick but when I took the plunge to do it I loved it! This also goes for food and recipes too. I tried out some overnight oats last week (recipe coming soon by the way) and loved it, I also melted some dark chocolate 85% cocao to be exact and dipped in some strawberries and bananas yummy. Think of your favorite food, google a healthy version and make it. Try it I dare you! oats

Basically, get organised. You have to be ready to make that change, only YOU can make a difference. Hope you all have a great week. We can do this!


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